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New Cat Tree


With Lumi at the vet from 9-4 today, it was prime time to assemble the tree without having to explain every step to him.

Yes, I do that. He wants to know, and listens intently.

I also wouldn’t have to fight him for the box, or fish screws out from under the fridge.

I dug all the parts out of the box, looking for the instructions. Oh dear, only one sheet. 

Oh dear…

That’s the instructions? This might take a while.

Hubby went out with the dog for a walk, and I set to work. It took about an hour, and I only had to re-do one part that I’d assembled backwards.

Ta-da! The old and the new. This is where it will live, right in the kitchen! It is taller than I am (I’d guess 5ft 10in or about 178cm) and very sturdy. I’ve disassembled the old one, and will see if our local SPCA wants it.

I did make one change. There are supposed to be two ‘ladders’ but I only put on one.

With – it blocks most of the largest platform. I figure the boys will use that as a step to get higher and not run up it.

So I left it off. Better, I think.

Lokii likes it!

Lumi loves it! He is only just back from his surgery so is a bit doped up still, and rather sleepy and clumsy. But he went right to the highest level and looked so proud of himself.

I’d recommend this tree, at least for now. Will see how it holds up to how Lumi launches himself onto and off of it.

Cat Post


The boys earlier this evening. Panned out in the sun, Spot on my leg-pillow and Lokii simply having to be close to his ‘brother’.

Whoops, I woke Spot up. It wasn’t for long.

My favourite recent picture of Spottie – yawning in the sunshine!

I think this needs a meme. Anyone?

The Boys


Spot (the Bengal) and Lokii (the Siamese) were on me like white on rice last night.  

My blue-clad legs and bare feet. I love how Spottie must touch my skin with his feet, if at all possible.

But then I had to get up. Which is always difficult, especially when your right leg has now gone entirely to sleep and feels like a chunk of wood that also hurts like ever-living-hell. I’m blaming the weird leg-nerve damage from my fucked up spine on the fact it takes longer for my leg to wake up than it does for me to realise it has gone to sleep.

In any case: they were on me because I was sitting in front of a fire

Spot is an old man, and I can guess that his nose doesn’t work as well as it used to. It’s my only explanation for the way he decided to curl up – face in his ‘brother’s’ butt. Mmm.
Brotherly love – even sans my legs as a nice warm moat against the world. 

Little Lokii is Six Today!


I can’t believe my kitten is six. My little man who once fit in the palm of my hand. How does time go so fast?


He was so brave, as long as nothing scary was happening. He still is. Please ignore the drool.

As long as he has his big brother there to protect him, of course.


Or me to cuddle him close.

He might still show his wicked side at times…


But he will always be my Lokii-Pokey, my Lokiimon, my Lokester, my wonderfully Lokquatious Siamese boy.


For more Lokii-ness, search his name or start by clicking on Let’s Meet Lokii and Let’s Meet Lokii’s Dark Side!

All the Fur-babies, Caught in Pixels


I have a new phone! Well, not ‘new,’ exactly. iDJ has a new iPhone, the 5s. I, as per usual, inherit the old phone, in this case the iPhone 4s. He got the new one as an upgrade, so no extra expense – except for having to get a new SIM card for my phone.

Why should you care? Because now I will have a Much Better camera – with a flash – with me at all times. Oh, you mean it makes phone calls too? Oh, okay…

My first flash-photog experiments took place last night. Lokii was on my lap enjoying the fire with me, and I’ve never been able to get a me-eye-view before because it is just too dark.

Whoops, blurry. Let me try again… I want those cute curled toes!

Uuurghhh! Why is it focussing on his nose? I know it’s a huge nose and all, but please let’s not give him a complex.

Oh well. I guess I will figure it out eventually. It is still an amazing photo of a perfectly-black Siamese nose. Now you see why it is so hard to get a pic of his face. And his nails – well, I trimmed them by feel last weekend, that’s why some are long and some are not.

Hubby took this one. My place on the couch is further over, so all I could see was the tips of her toes as she held on to the table. I asked him to take a shot so I could see everything (I couldn’t get up as I am the cat-repository). Yes, I need to trim her nails, too. Please feel free to peruse my media collection, or ask about the most amazing guitar ever.

We hunted down, trapped and bagged our tree today. It is really clean, compared to the ones we got the last two years. But. The cats think it smells funny in one place. I took this one…

And this one.

And now we get to see the 5s in action. Dammit.


Lokii looks so weird in this one! Ears back, stocky body hunched up. He’s on his hind legs here, but clearly he isn’t as good at the meerkat pose as Spottie is.

Here is a good pic of the bald patch Spot has developed. I think it is a reaction to the new wet food, because he’s had acne and other strange reactions to new things in the past (he was allergic to Lokii for ages, how bizarre is that). The fur is coming back in quite fast, so I don’t think he needs a vet visit again.



Spot was begging me to turn on the bathroom tap yesterday, so he could have a drink. From my seat (ahem) I told him that I didn’t intend to be in the room that long, so I wasn’t going to oblige him. Being as he doesn’t understand English, he just stared at me. As he tried to convince me using all of his feline wiles – more staring – I noticed his eyes were a most unusual colour.

It’s pretty hard to take photos of a cat who is only interested in a drink, so we left the bathroom and I grabbed my iPhone and chased him around the house until he settled by the back door. His eyes were still that odd marbled shade, like agate.

Usually they are mostly yellow, with brown hints. I’d never seen them change. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention.


Of course, I can’t pay attention to Spottie-pants without Lokii-trousers showing up and demanding some face time.

His eyes never change colour, but they are still the most glorious shade of blue.

But he does a damn creepy impression of a ‘white walker’ from Game of Thrones!




I’ve not devoted a post to my little Siamese boy Lokii in a while. Actually, it’s been over a year since “Let’s Meet Lokii” and “Let’s Meet Lokii’s Dark Side”. However, he’s been disgustingly adorable the last few days, (and it’s not even that cold in here!) so I got the chance was forced by cuteness to take a few pics.

First, a shot from Monday, when he was helping me watch a David Attenborough documentary on predators and prey. I’ve never caught him really watching TV like this before (but he is fascinated with iPad games, not even the ones made for cats). Not sure if it’s the size of the new screen, or the lions on it that got him so interested.


Wednesday night, Lokii came to bed with me. I always curl up on my left, with my iPad open to an e-book propped against hubby’s pillow. He Lokii-poked to get under the covers, and curled against my chest with his head under my chin and, as it happened, his whole head in my right hand. He fell asleep, purring, and after a while the purring dropped into silence. Then…a while later…a faint rumble started again. Neither he nor I had moved or made a sound – it was just him waking up a tiny bit and realising where he was and who he was with. That’s cat love for sure, and it gave me a much needed happy feeling after a hard day. (Apologies to Cats n Co for pretty much reposting my comment on her blog on ‘Do Cats Love?‘)

Thursday we had a really, really hot fire going. Too hot for me, but just about right for the heat-seeking Si-missile that is Lokii-mon. He was so happy sprawling in different directions on my legs that I couldn’t conceive of getting up to get a better camera. Sadly, these pics are all from my ever-present iPad and they are accordingly terrible. Sorry. Hope the cuteness shines thru all the static caused by taking close-ups by firelight!

Ahh, laps. And fire. Ahhh. That’s a yawn, he’s not about to eat me. Promise.

See? Chin-scratches. Nothing could be better, for him. Me? I had to take this, and the next few pics, with my nose. Yep. One hand is holding the iPad, one is scratching precious kitteh – my nose was my only option!

Ooh, that’s nice, we loves a finger in our ear.

And ear-scrunches from the outside are nice, too!

More ears? Heaven, I’m in heaven…

Who gave you permission to stop with the ear-love?

Okay, no more petting…guess I’ll just enjoy this fire instead.

Ahhh. *yawn*

But things are back to normal now. I’ve spent a good part of my Friday evening sewing up the holes he’s chewed in the new dog bed. Sigh.

That’s the biggest of dozens of holes I had to sew shut. I need advice! I’m really worried he’s going to get horribly sick from eating fabric. We can’t stop him. Take away one thing, he finds something else. He’s really great at listening, remembering, and not returning to the scene of the crime again when we say NO! (ok, I say, as I’m the observant one) but he is also good at making sure he never hears ‘no’ in the first place. There’s no blockage in his guts – yet – but I don’t want there to be one.

How can such a smart kitty be so damn dumb?

Harvesting garden goodies and some brotherly lurve


Good morning! How’s this for a change – me doing a post before noon and I’m totally sober! Usually two of the three things go together: morning and sober. I think attempting to blog before noon might be a first.

Today I’m not even hung over, not a little. I am, however, juiced up on coffee and stuck indoors as the weather is absolute shite. It was bearable outside yesterday so despite a pretty good case of ‘one too many the night before,’ I got a lot of tidying-up done in the garden. Empty pots put away, icky soil and mint that can’t ever, ever, go into my compost bin thrown out, carrots, beets and garlic pulled, monster tomato plants trimmed of dead bits. I’m pleased with the garlic. It’s “oops garlic.” Oops garlic is garlic that you bought in the store and forgot about/didn’t use fast enough, and the next time you look at it, it’s all shrivelled with a massive green spike coming out of it. Oops! I plant it. This year it grew really well for me:

oops garlic.jpg
I might give up on beets next year. Or try another variety. Or actually look up what I’m doing wrong. The beet roots on mine are all too tiny. Easy to grow but… meh. Not worth the effort to peel the little things.

I also think they mixed up my carrot seed with something out of a grimoire:

mandrake carrots.jpg
These aren’t carrots, they’re Mandrake Root. Oh well, the dog will eat them anyhow. I hope she doesn’t turn into a zombie-dog or werewolf. Hmm, maybe I do – things have been a bit boring around here lately.

So, I promised I’d mention the boys in my next post! Which is now this post. And it is now after noon, by the way. Oops!

I caught the guys in a big cuddle-fest Thursday morning, and for once Lokii’s little black face is clearly visible. So hard to get a shot of him that isn’t anything but big blue eyes in a flat-black wedge.

Lokii looks happy and interested, Spot looks like he’s got murder on his mind. Let’s try to reverse that, shall we?

Not so much. Lokii just isn’t capable of looking grumpy. Glad to be able to share his giant schnozz with you this morning afternoon.