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I have no idea where to start. Lots of shit has been happening. I can’t just throw it all into one post, however. Do I go with most fun? Most typical for my posts? Most weird? Most recent, or look at older pictures I wanted to share so I can keep a timeline in my head for what I’ve talked about here? 

Insert a Charlie Brown ‘Aaaaauuuugggh!’ here.

I guess I have to go with most fun. Because… I mentioned it first? And I’m really happy about something for a change? Eh. Seems fair.

We did this last weekend:

Our new Shiny! We were in such shock that this actually happened, that this is the ONLY photo we took. It’s been since 1996 since I’ve had a brand-new vehicle. I will admit this is not an inexpensive car here (our ridiculous tax, or VAT, literally doubles the price of a car). But I love it.

This car has more computers in it than the entirety of 1980. It does things that I can’t imagine the need for, like telling you when the oil change is due. It has a wee Mini graphic that winks at you when you get in! It ‘bongs’ when the temperature goes near freezing, or when the engine is running and a passenger takes off their seat belt. Thankfully none of that constant noise if you just don’t buckle up for moving it a few metres in the driveway.

It has CRAZY lights. We apparently got these as part of a package himself wanted for other reasons – but I’m having so damn much fun with the lights! First of all, there are exterior lights I never expected.

When you unlock the car, there are lights inside the door handles – on the outside of the car! That’s just mad. Day two of having the car I walked outside in the dark, hit the button, and immediately thought I had ringed planets on my car. Little saturns waiting for me.

There are also lights under the doors when you open them, so you can clearly see the puddle you are about to step into! It is Ireland, after all. 

It gets better with the crazy lights – inside lighting is all LED and has what seems to be ten different colour choices, at the touch of a toggle above the rear-view mirror. I can’t even name all these colours, but so far I’ve really liked the bright red, green, and purple. I keep changing it! I realised yesterday that the interior lights cycle through every colour right after you unlock the car, and then stay on the one I had chosen. Mad. 

There is more – turning up the heat or the volume on the ‘entertainment system’ makes lights race around the main dash computer display. Said display shows anything you want about the car – but since I’m all about my music, it shows the artist, song and, FFS, the album cover in colour. This fucker is smarter than I am!

It seems we won’t break the bank, as the old car was d e a d dead from a financial standpoint. It cost us more in the last four months in repairs than a regular car payment for this beauty does. And I’m safe on the road again, which – I have to say – I was not feeling safe in the old Mini any more. I do miss it, and I did tear up as I patted her goodbye. So many good memories, and family and friends that I rarely see were in that car. The last photo of our Good Dog Shade was taken in that car. So yes, I miss the old one.

But I believe we did the right thing, and the lights are starring my eyes into loving the new Mini. 

Not to mention how damn quick and fast she is! Phowar! 

Best of all? It has a sunroof, baby! I love love love it. Even in a country with rare sun I’ve been popping it open nearly every day. It’s a good thing for a former Florida gal to get the sun and fresh air whenever possible. 

Musing on Cats vs Dogs


I just watched iDJ succumb to the cats begging for treats, again. They know where we keep the treats, and pester him until he caves. This is not something I would ever do, but they have him sussed and play him like a piano.

Because he is a big softie and thinks that animals have human emotions like jealousy, he also gives the dog a treat after he gets suckered into the cats’ pleadings. 

This is something I strongly disagree with. The dog could kill any cat without trying very hard at all, and relating their food to her food is a terrible idea. She is food-motivated, unlike our previous dog, and hubby just doesn’t get the difference in how she thinks. The only good thing he does is to make sure that the cats get theirs first, which is vital to keeping the cats above the dog in pack order. 

All of that isn’t actually why I’m writing this. It’s because the dog eats her treat as fast as possible and then goes running back to iDJ, looking for more. Which never happens. Ever. It doesn’t seem to matter, however. She scarfs up the treat with barely a chance to taste it, and hopes for more she can’t even savour.

The cats? They have had theirs, and are happy with what they have gotten, and proceed to leave him alone for a few hours.

I’m pretty sure this is why I’m more of a cat-person. I understand their thinking, and have more respect for it. I can’t really ever understand why you would rush through a pleasurable experience. Especially when there is zero chance of another one happening right away.

I wonder how many humans act this way? 

Still Got a Ganglion – Hear it Roar!


I had an appointment at the local hospital today. I was all excited, and thought for sure I’d be coming home with a groovy new scar. Sadly, I was disappointed. Instead, I first had an assessment by a fun Indian doctor (we so had the craic) and he sent me off for X-rays.

    Sweet! I LOVE X-rays! 

    The pen tip on the right is pointing at the cyst, which doesn’t show up in an X-ray. I can kinda see it? Maybe.

    I was wondering about the round density next to the first joint of my thumb, and my dad asked about it too, so off to the ‘net I went. It is a sesamoid bone (named because they are usually the shape of a sesame seed – I’ll never forget that name, now) and perfectly normal, if slightly mysterious: ‘Sesamoid bones are small more or less rounded masses embedded in certain tendons and usually related to joint surfaces. Their functions probably are to modify pressure, to diminish friction, and occasionally to alter the direction of a muscle pull.’ [emphasis mine, source is courtesy of]

    This is why I love seeing my innards! So educational. 

    Side view! I am probably strange, but I think these are rather pretty. And fascinating as hell. It’s astounding that this – my right hand, responsible for the majority of the things I do every day – looks so fragile. Check out the thickness of my ulna and radius in each picture (long arm bones, just in case you aren’t a nerd like me). My thumb bone is thicker than both of them in the side view. That is crazy. From the top view, they are nearly parity with the thickness-win going to the radius. So surprising I’ve never broken any bones but my pinkie toes (not for lack of trying).

    I also like that the veins I can see through the skin on my thumb show up here, too. And all the tendons that must be doing one hell of a job because those bones are…bony.

    Anyhoo, after my irradiation the main doctor who runs the clinic came in. She had a trio of young women trailing behind her, and asked if they could observe. Well, sure! Doc asked a few questions, poked at my still-unnamed cyst (because not one of you gave me a name last time I talked about it, for shame), and said they would schedule me for surgery. Under general anesthetic. I whined (I’ll admit it) when she was leaving; “But…I want to see!”

    Hope you enjoyed these pics as much as I did! Thanks to Dr M for letting me take shots of the X-rays with my phone, changing the operation directive from general to local because I want to see, having a laugh with me, and being able to pronounce my whole damn name with no hesitation (that is huge, let me tell ya). He’s a good doctor, I hope he goes good places.

    Now let’s see how long it takes to get to the next level! October 20, 2015 and counting.