Let’s Meet…Lokii!


I intend to complain about things my Siamese does. But first, some cuteness.

I love my little Lokii. We brought him home in August 2008, and he was (and still is, of course) adorable. At first, he and Spot didn’t get along. To be expected, with cats. They never ‘instantly’ bond. A few fireworks are normal.

It appears here that Lokii was more afraid of Spot, even though Spottie-pants isn’t being aggressive at all.

He also hid a lot in the first few days. Everything was new, and there was a ginormous dog in the house that scared the wits out of him. (My boy Shade; he’s gone and I can’t talk about him just yet.)

This is like one of those kid’s games. Can You Find The Kitty-Cat? Of course, he picked the bookshelf full of the authors I avidly collect – Koontz and King. Yikes…

It didn’t take long for the two boys to become buddies though.

On the dirty laundry…

And on my hideous 1960’s ‘quilt.’

The reason they got along so well was all due to Lokii’s puursonality. He is so very loving. He missed his momma and all his siblings, and the temptation to snuggle up to Spottie was too great. Spot would be napping, and *poof!* there’s Lokii muscling in. Repeat. Until Spot gave up hissing and jumping away, and let the little interloper share his space, and his nap.

This all happened in less than a month! All of these pics are from that August. It seems not so very long ago, and it is hard to think he will be four this year. Time flies.

He’s indoor only, both of the cats are. He has zero interest in the world on the other side of the glass, unless there is a bug within view. He never seems to see the birds or other cats. He doesn’t even wait at the window for us to come home like Spot and Neko do. We’ve only ever taken him to the vet twice – once when we first brought him home, and once to get his boy bits removed and the microchip implanted. He’s never been sick, he eats just fine, and while I think he has a little bit of belly-fat, he is a very healthy boy.

Except for two things…

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  1. His eyes were very fitting for hanging out with the stephen king books… Great pics and post. My girls don’t get along quite as well but hey, they’re girls and we can be kind of moody little hags sometimes… 🙂

    • I agree about girl kitties! I’m afraid I’m a bit sexist when it comes to cats. The boys I’ve had are always willing to cuddle, whereas the girls stick to the cat-stereotype of ‘you can only pet me if I feel like being petted, and don’t you forget it!’

      • I hadn’t stopped and thought about it but you’re right. I’ve had 4 boys and 3 girls through the years, they like to live long and I can only hadle 2 at a time, and the boys were much more laid back. As far as being a needy, gotta be in your lap kitty, Maggie takes the cake there. It does have to be on her terms though, I can’t pick her up and put her there but I usually have more trouble keeping her out of my lap.

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