The Boys


Spot (the Bengal) and Lokii (the Siamese) were on me like white on rice last night.  

My blue-clad legs and bare feet. I love how Spottie must touch my skin with his feet, if at all possible.

But then I had to get up. Which is always difficult, especially when your right leg has now gone entirely to sleep and feels like a chunk of wood that also hurts like ever-living-hell. I’m blaming the weird leg-nerve damage from my fucked up spine on the fact it takes longer for my leg to wake up than it does for me to realise it has gone to sleep.

In any case: they were on me because I was sitting in front of a fire

Spot is an old man, and I can guess that his nose doesn’t work as well as it used to. It’s my only explanation for the way he decided to curl up – face in his ‘brother’s’ butt. Mmm.
Brotherly love – even sans my legs as a nice warm moat against the world. 

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    • Thanks! I love these two little jerks so much. Spot came over with me from Ohio 10 years ago, and we got Lokii from Northern Ireland… I forget how long ago now. I have a terrible time-sense, sorry! We still call Lokes a kitten – clearly he isn’t!

      • They are so cute and I can relate to the time-sense. I have a bad memory. 😆

        hahahah! No matter how big they are, they’ll always be our babies. I totally understand. 😀

  1. That has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. My girls never curled up together like that, although they came close a few times.

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