Spot was begging me to turn on the bathroom tap yesterday, so he could have a drink. From my seat (ahem) I told him that I didn’t intend to be in the room that long, so I wasn’t going to oblige him. Being as he doesn’t understand English, he just stared at me. As he tried to convince me using all of his feline wiles – more staring – I noticed his eyes were a most unusual colour.

It’s pretty hard to take photos of a cat who is only interested in a drink, so we left the bathroom and I grabbed my iPhone and chased him around the house until he settled by the back door. His eyes were still that odd marbled shade, like agate.

Usually they are mostly yellow, with brown hints. I’d never seen them change. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention.


Of course, I can’t pay attention to Spottie-pants without Lokii-trousers showing up and demanding some face time.

His eyes never change colour, but they are still the most glorious shade of blue.

But he does a damn creepy impression of a ‘white walker’ from Game of Thrones!


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  1. Beautiful feline hijinx…..looks like your babies have gone to what i refer to as the Forrest T.S.Green school of subtle hints! Forrest (aka fozzie ) stares as only a white muzzled,chocolate brown eyed staffrador (Lab x Staffy) can…..he is so subtle with the staring,drooling and whining that i barely notice him rounding me up hehhe Beautiful pictures 🙂

  2. I like imagining you wandering around the house, kinda hunched over with your phone in hand, just waiting for Pants and Trousers to settle.

    Lovely photos to start my day–thank you!

      • Yep, they do tend to lead our behavior. I’m sitting in bed trying to have a cup of coffee, but Calpurrnia kept sticking her nose in my cup with the milk in it. Shoved against her chin to move her, but sheesh, she wouldn’t give up until I poisoned the milk with coffee.

        Why do cats drink milk, anyway, if it upsets their systems??!!!

  3. One of my kitty cats used to like drinking out of the faucet. The one I have now prefers the toilet, so I make sure the seat is always down…LOL! Those eyes are amazing!

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