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Nobby and Felix have been Brushed!


I have one week until my Open Fair ‘exhibition.’ I still don’t have a business name, email, or even a PayPal account. No panic… har…

I’ve mentioned a few times that it was one particular reader who gave me the idea and the hope and the heart to attempt to sell my work. It was a lovely blogging lady in the UK named Annette, and she had asked my pricing on drawing her cats. Until then, it had never even occurred to me.

As a thank you, I drew her furry kids for free. I wasn’t charging when she asked, and I didn’t think it was fair to ask her to pay for what others were getting for free even though she offered. And I did owe her a huge thank you, and there’s really only one way I could show it, isn’t there?

This is Nobby, isn’t he a gorgeous boy?

This is his biography, from Annette: “This is Nobby. My cat soulmate. Clever, inquisitive, talkative, active, adventurous, athletic, brave, funny, loving, and Felix’s friend and protector. An alpha cat in touch with his feminine side!”
She told me afterward that beautiful Nobby is no longer with her. I cried.

This is Felix:

She told me this about him: “Loveable, playful, teddybear cat. Often bewildered by life, and not the sharpest tool in the box, but always ready with a purr…”

Sounds like my little Lokii 🙂

I’m happy to have met two more lovely fur-people and one very special human, and to have such an opportunity given to me. Thank you, thank you, Annette!

Waking up Lokii


Lokii-monster was being cute last night, and I tried to get a few pictures.

Napping with his brother.

Yawn…I’ve woken him up. Normally, not a big deal. Sleeping is awfully important, especially on a lovely warm hand-crocheted blanket by Auntie Socks.

Nope, I’m apparently more interesting. He’s Siamese, he talks. This is one of many, many times he was saying, “Hi! Hi! Hi!” Ugh, my table’s a mess. iPhone, booze, iPhone, tissue box, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, National Geographics…is that my used dental floss? Eww, I’m a slob.

He wasn’t amused by my lack of interaction, or the big iPad blocking his view of my face. So, he stood up on me for a stretch and to make sure I was paying attention.

He’s a big boy, and can sink his claws into my collarbone from this position. Time to put the technology down and hug a kitty.



It seems tonight is a cat night.

I have photographic evidence of my boys, in flagrante delicto. Bad Cats, no one wants to see that!

So I’m gonna show it to you 🙂


Poor Lokii, he just wants a nap. But noooOOOooo.


Can gay cats use the ‘not tonight, I have a headache’ excuse? I feel bad for him, this isn’t his idea. But from the look on his little face, he doesn’t have a clue what is going on. Poor gormless kitty.


Hey! Yes, YOU! You are sooo busted.