Little Lokii is Six Today!


I can’t believe my kitten is six. My little man who once fit in the palm of my hand. How does time go so fast?


He was so brave, as long as nothing scary was happening. He still is. Please ignore the drool.

As long as he has his big brother there to protect him, of course.


Or me to cuddle him close.

He might still show his wicked side at times…


But he will always be my Lokii-Pokey, my Lokiimon, my Lokester, my wonderfully Lokquatious Siamese boy.


For more Lokii-ness, search his name or start by clicking on Let’s Meet Lokii and Let’s Meet Lokii’s Dark Side!

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    • Yep! All the way from another country – technically…

      Did you ever hear a horror story (supposedly true) that someone drowned their litter of purebred Siamese kittens because they were all white? They thought that meant they weren’t purebred…not knowing Siamese are born white. *shudder*

      • arg! I wouldn’t be surprised actually, there are so many stupid people on this planet. Breed some purebred cats for money, but know nothing about how to do it and what to expect…

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