Cat Post


The boys earlier this evening. Panned out in the sun, Spot on my leg-pillow and Lokii simply having to be close to his ‘brother’.

Whoops, I woke Spot up. It wasn’t for long.

My favourite recent picture of Spottie – yawning in the sunshine!

I think this needs a meme. Anyone?

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  1. Adorable. So very grand! I would love to hold them or rub them, let them play around my hand. They do have a way of getting deep in our hearts don’t they ! 🙂 Hugs

  2. I noticed in the last one, spot has an electric blue flame going on in his ear… is he scanning for trouble or treats ? Hugs

        • Spot is my best boy. Had him since his birth, over 14 years now. I’ve not had a relationship with a man as long. He’s got problems, now – his kidneys – but fair warning that I will need a LOT of support when he does go. Love that cat like no other.

            • He didn’t have much choice, poor guy! Much less about being flown from Ohio to Ireland 11 years ago. I’d not do that to an elderly cat, for sure. Glad he was young enough then to not hate me too much for it. If it were now? I’d stay over there for the sake of my animals (I had a big big dog too, at the time).

            • I understand the bond that can develop between a human and those non human ones that live with us. I seem to get shattered with each loss and billowed on clouds with each new one. It is hard to lose them, but I can’t be without their love. I need them as much as they need me. Hugs

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