All the Fur-babies, Caught in Pixels


I have a new phone! Well, not ‘new,’ exactly. iDJ has a new iPhone, the 5s. I, as per usual, inherit the old phone, in this case the iPhone 4s. He got the new one as an upgrade, so no extra expense – except for having to get a new SIM card for my phone.

Why should you care? Because now I will have a Much Better camera – with a flash – with me at all times. Oh, you mean it makes phone calls too? Oh, okay…

My first flash-photog experiments took place last night. Lokii was on my lap enjoying the fire with me, and I’ve never been able to get a me-eye-view before because it is just too dark.

Whoops, blurry. Let me try again… I want those cute curled toes!

Uuurghhh! Why is it focussing on his nose? I know it’s a huge nose and all, but please let’s not give him a complex.

Oh well. I guess I will figure it out eventually. It is still an amazing photo of a perfectly-black Siamese nose. Now you see why it is so hard to get a pic of his face. And his nails – well, I trimmed them by feel last weekend, that’s why some are long and some are not.

Hubby took this one. My place on the couch is further over, so all I could see was the tips of her toes as she held on to the table. I asked him to take a shot so I could see everything (I couldn’t get up as I am the cat-repository). Yes, I need to trim her nails, too. Please feel free to peruse my media collection, or ask about the most amazing guitar ever.

We hunted down, trapped and bagged our tree today. It is really clean, compared to the ones we got the last two years. But. The cats think it smells funny in one place. I took this one…

And this one.

And now we get to see the 5s in action. Dammit.


Lokii looks so weird in this one! Ears back, stocky body hunched up. He’s on his hind legs here, but clearly he isn’t as good at the meerkat pose as Spottie is.

Here is a good pic of the bald patch Spot has developed. I think it is a reaction to the new wet food, because he’s had acne and other strange reactions to new things in the past (he was allergic to Lokii for ages, how bizarre is that). The fur is coming back in quite fast, so I don’t think he needs a vet visit again.

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  1. My brain is tired. I read the first part and thought you were talking of the dog. On your lap. Checked the picture and… huh… how does the dog fits on her lap? And why the paws look like… oh… wait… Lokii’s not the dog! I know Lokii is the Sia… the Si… the Siam… that breed of cat!

    On my camera (which is a real one, not an Apple spoof), I figured I need to point the yellow cross in the middle on what I want it to focus on, half-press the button, then move to center the scene like I want, and then press the button fully. But I doubt the company who made the phone-that-sells-$800-so that-we-can-also-sell-it-to-the-third-world-for-$20-as-if-what-they-really-needed-now-was-a-phone thought about such a feature. I like how on the second picture you centered more on the paws but it focused more on the nose. Yes, taking pictures of black cats it a tough job. I know I have very few pictures of Juliette that really look good, furthermore she likes to sleep on my black chair.

    I like those pictures of the cats smelling the tree. I see you like it all natural 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend. I’m “receiving” my brother for dinner, let’s see what happens.

    Hey Joe, pourquoi t’es si pressé, j’ai même plus de montre, j’ai tout mon temps

    • Goodness, for a tired brain it still had a lot to say.

      I do have real cameras, and some dammed nice ones! But let’s face it, I barely remember to carry my phone every day. Bringing a big heavy cam everywhere is rather out of the question. Such an apple hater! I’ve never had an issue other than the battery life and the expense – but you do get what you pay for, and I think apple is worth it. Until the nasty people start writing viruses for Macs, I will save a ton of dosh by not having to have all those programs. And…they just work. So there 🙂

      Is your brother travelling far? Hope you aren’t cooking!

      Yes we always get a real tree. Never a problem with the animals.

      • Haha, why? Chicken and Dainty canned rice. Not cooking *much* 🙂

        He’s traveling about an hour. But he doesn’t have a car. He got a ride to Mtl and I’ll pick him up there. It wasn’t planned, but a family situation means he doesn’t have a bed tonight. This is where I come. There’s a reason why I don’t live within an hour of any family member. You just wouldn’t believe.

  2. My cat Squeak had feline acne till I started using metal bowls, then she was fine. Jupiter uses the same one with no problem so far. Love the pics, beautiful kitties!

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