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Goodbye, Rua


My sister’s greyhound, Rua, passed away in his sleep last night. He was a big clumsy goofball, and he will be missed.

I drew this of him back in November 2011, one of my first attempts at digital art.


Miss you, big guy! 

Perhaps it is time to get serious…


First, let me swear on whatever you find worthy of swearing upon that I have not ever clicked on my own blog link after doing a search for ’11/22/63 art.’ (Proof: it isn’t purple in my browser!) I only ever looked because I kept seeing it pop up in my stats, along with ‘Siamese cat drawing.’ So, being curious, I wanted to see where I ranked. The last time I looked, I ranked just below the official Stephen King website. Today, I rank above it.


I actually feel a bit ill seeing this. It scares me. What if King finds me? I might have my first-ever panic attack… and then invite him to Ireland to drive around Mayo on a rented Harley with me (on my own bike, of course). I know better than to ask him to the pub.

What if the publisher sees it, or the person who did the book jacket, and says I’ve infringed on copyright by reproducing the first page? I want to do more of these, and I even started one for ‘IT’ but the movie’s images kept getting in my way. I’ll have to read it again (oh darn, the hardship) and find a good image to use. So right now my idea is to do a couple more, then go ask the publisher if I’m in trouble and need to stop…

Brushed still life of random junk


I have no idea why I’m putting this up here, instead of doing another drawing… well, yes, I do. I was reviewing older works – in preparation to create a new one – and this picture caught my eye.

Backstory: After Christmas dinner, I loaned my iPad to my hubby’s uncle and he spent ages drawing my mostly empty glass of Pepsi. He’s an artist – and a retired art teacher – and what he did with Brushes blew my socks off. (Even though I had to continually tell him how to work the app.) Everything I would have considered a horrible mistake – undo! undo! – he left in. And wow. I’m totally not posting his work here, uh-uh, no way. My ego is too fra-gee-lay.

Instead, here’s my attempt to follow his lead. I’m intrigued (in retrospect) by my own effort here. I started with the scissors, and it shows. They look terrible, complete shite. The rectangle thingie is a lighter a friend brought me from Russia. It has a famous bridge on it – not sure where, as I can’t read Cyrillic. That was second. It just kind of sits there, a boring mark on the canvas.

But the last thing I smeared on the page, as I was getting steadily happier and drunker, was my nasty ashtray. And I love how it turned out! I almost cropped the pic and just posted the ashtray part. But a lot of you have come along with me on my art adventure and I felt I would be cheating if I didn’t share the whole picture, warts and all.


Usyaka has inspired a Brushing!



Sorry for shouting, but I got to play tonight and finished up the picture that Usyaka inspired. It’s not exact from the photo, I managed to use my imagination a bit. My favorite part of the original photo was the sheer power in her hind legs – the beauty of muscle in motion and the line of her leg and tail. Hope you like it!


New art… 11/22/63


Art inspired by Stephen King’s latest book, 11/22/63.

Hey there hi there ho there! I’m going to share my first attempt at something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

First, I have to apologise for the quality of the background photo: I used the iPad. The iPad camera, as we know, is terrible. The color is all wrong, and the page is curved at the top from holding the book open to take the picture. This is, without a doubt, an experiment in progress. But the hubby loves it, so I think I can eventually get where I want to go with this…

Now, I’ll tell you just what the hell this is! It is the first page of Stephen King’s latest book, ’11/22/63′, with John F Kennedy’s head (from the US fifty-cent coin) drawn between the text.

I got the idea from how occasionally on a typed page I will see a pattern in the white space between words. My desire and intent is to do a drawing relevant to the book (say, a whale on page one of Moby Dick) but in one continuous line, not broken like this one.

’11/22/63′ is about someone getting the chance to go back in time and stop the Kennedy assassination so I found a good, and easy, picture of Kennedy. I really wanted to use a horribly gory one of his autopsy – it seemed to fit with King so much better! However, the pics I found could be of anyone’s black and white brains and hair on an autopsy table. Anyway, with this picture from the coin as a first attempt the subject is indeed recognisable but still not what I wanted. As always, a learning process!

Ps: I’ve not finished the novel yet, so no spoilers please!

Poulnabrone portal tomb has been brushed…


I started this last night, just playing with settings and creating some plants that don’t exist. I put the ‘grass’ in and called it a night.
Today I had another look, and decided to fill the empty space. But with what? I found a photo we took at the Poulnabrone dolmen in Co Claire a few years ago, and made it teeny tiny and sketched it in. Then added a wonky sky. This is a down n dirty, super-fast drawing. I enjoyed creating it.

It’s a strange feeling out there, in the Burren. Nothing for miles, rock and lichen and silence. If you believe in ley lines there is likely one running through the area. Digital cameras don’t really like to work next to the tomb.
I know I’ll be using this photo again, or another from one of our several visits, because I feel such a connection to this place.