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Growing not a whole lot


Crap. Not much is going green for me out of the load of seeds I started. I have one tomato plant, one mystery gourd, five sunflowers, and a load of cornflowers. My cosmos did next to nothing – think I have five plants total, all white (yawn), and only about half of my corn grew – and it is tiny, weak and probably dying as I type. Sigh. It’s just been cold, windy, rainy, and grey.

But. Hubby bought me these back in March, and I finally got them all planted out. I love that they all look like alien spacecraft from Babylon 5.

Kinda late for some, but I got the gorgeous black lilies in right away and they are coming up nicely.

That thing behind them is a weed – a weed, I tell you – that I planted on purpose. It has daisy-like flowers and hubby likes those. So there. Right out on my front step, a huge-ass weed in a pot. Heheh.

More from the March collection – obviously not lilies but I forget what I put where. I was in a hurry. Do you see the Siamese in the background? My sister painted that for our mother decades ago, he’s concrete. Starting to look a bit rough around the edges, but still makes visitors think there’s a kitty on the stoop.

Here’s another of hubby’s March presents – raspberries! I waited too late to plant them out, so it looks like only two of the SIX he accidentally bought me are going to live. He didn’t realise there were three canes in each package! So I guess two is all he expected anyway.

I planted these last year and I forget what they are. Take two years to bloom apparently, and they are ready to go now! I have a lot of them.

Anyone know what this is? We skip-dived (dumpster-dove, for my US friends) this huge slightly cracked planter around Christmas, and it seems the plants in it came back. Blooming shortly, whatever it is.

Hostas are better this year: I put down slug pellets as soon as they started to come up from their long sleep. Last year I forgot and had to look at holey leaves all year.

My lilac! I’m so thrilled with this green baby. I collected the seed from a bush that lives out front of a mostly-abandoned garage. Started them last year, got three to grow. One didn’t make it to fall, one I thought had died but it started to come back, then died again – but this one is happy. Yay me! Grown from seed on a whim, in seriously wet soil inside a plastic take-out container. I couldn’t even tell for sure that I had collected any seeds, so all three were a gift, even if they didn’t live long. The odd grass is native, dug up from the coast and brought home because I like it. And two of my red sunflowers – how tiny they are, supposed to get several meters tall possibly. Possibly a bad place to plant them? Meh. Also a glimpse of both lavender and rosemary.

We need some colour, all this green and no bloom is getting boring. I moved some of my tulips last year as they aren’t happy where I planted them.

That’s it – just the two. But that’s two more than I got from the ones I didn’t move. Oh, and both of these are in crappy recycled materials pots – one in a container that previously contained salt (from my uncles’ bakery, we stole them out of the recycle bin) and one in a former plastic Celebrations chocolate box. I rarely buy a pot anymore, why bother?

The Stupid Girl planter from last year. Radishes, carrots, rocket, my few straggly pathetic corn stalks. I planted the last five kernels in the packet today, figured what the hell might as well try. It’s been warm, finally.

The broad beans are coming up – if you can see them behind the extraordinarily happy oregano plant.

One, one! of my rudbeckia survived the winter. It’s also in one of the former salt-containers. It seems to be happy there! I only have four seedlings this year. It won’t be as orange a garden in 2013, unless the galliardia do well – I think they might.

My ending picture is a very, very welcome surprise. My beloved lavender rose bush. I truly thought it was dead, dead, dead. It was down to the ground a brown twig with no life or leaves (we have black spot bad). Early on I bought Rose Clear and have been spraying my poor roses every two weeks, and doing a just-in-case spray of the dead twig. Looks like it was worth it! Gave it a good bone meal feed and trimmed all that grass back so it gets some sunshine. I have hope again!

Peekaboo outtakes.


I had a few more shots from the other day, that didn’t fit in with the eye theme. But I like them anyway.

Lokii’s snake-like teeth and curly yawning tongue, while blurry, make me smile.

I’m sure there’s a term for getting the perspective all wrong. Help me out if you know it. I did it here, with the phone below his nose looking up: his schnozzola looks gigantic and he looks cross-eyed as well. It doesn’t look like Lokes any more, but it’s cute.

So I did the same thing to Spot. He just looks like he’s smiling.

I wish I could meditate like that. Hey, Dianda – if you want the last pic for your Monday caption contest, I couldn’t come up with anything clever myself!



Spot was begging me to turn on the bathroom tap yesterday, so he could have a drink. From my seat (ahem) I told him that I didn’t intend to be in the room that long, so I wasn’t going to oblige him. Being as he doesn’t understand English, he just stared at me. As he tried to convince me using all of his feline wiles – more staring – I noticed his eyes were a most unusual colour.

It’s pretty hard to take photos of a cat who is only interested in a drink, so we left the bathroom and I grabbed my iPhone and chased him around the house until he settled by the back door. His eyes were still that odd marbled shade, like agate.

Usually they are mostly yellow, with brown hints. I’d never seen them change. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention.


Of course, I can’t pay attention to Spottie-pants without Lokii-trousers showing up and demanding some face time.

His eyes never change colour, but they are still the most glorious shade of blue.

But he does a damn creepy impression of a ‘white walker’ from Game of Thrones!


La la la land


I feel as if I’m in la-la land. Again.

And I’m going to be immediately rather pedantic, it seems! This is going to be one of my stream-of-consciousness posts.

My mother always hated the expression ‘I feel like’. As in, ‘I feel like ice cream!’ So…how does ice cream feel, exactly? Cold, wet, creamy? No – you feel “as if, or as though” you want ice cream.

She had a damn good point, and I’ve never forgotten it. I rarely, if ever, say ‘I feel like’. Even when it does work, as in: I feel like I’m in la-la land.

My mother’s teachings might explain why I can be rather spare in using contractions, even as a native English speaker/writer. I’m always trying to make sure that I’ve been clearly understood. I’ve been told by someone who refuses to use the slightest bit of text-speak that I don’t use enough contractions. Hmm.

That said, I live in a country where “amn’t” makes perfect sense. Shudder. But I use it because it works.

Yes, I’ve had a bit too much to drink a bit too early, or a bit less food today than I usually do. Or both! No matter, I have the cats keeping me company and a lot of nonsense on my mind. iDJ is in charge of food tonight, so- wheee!

I guess the biggest thing on my mind is the work situation. I hate what I’m doing, and everyone in charge knows it. I wasn’t hired for this role, so – thankfully – they are trying to hire someone who wants to do it. So far, one person accepted and then bowed out the day he was meant to start. That should tell you how awful my job is – in a massively depressed economy with a high unemployment rate, someone could say ‘no thanks’ to doing my job.

But…I was told that they were interviewing again this week, and I got my hopes up again. Fuck it, lie to me, it keeps me sane with hope! They’ve said where they want to put me, and I’m totally down with the new role – just get me outta this one. It has sucked all the joy out of life for me. I can’t even see that my job isn’t my life. I spend my ‘real life’ trying to recover from work, which means I’ve made work my whole life. Pretty stupid for an office job.

And…to beat a stupid, dead analogy even further to death – the spiderweb that made me think (hard, for a change) has just been erased. Poof! gone. I didn’t get to do it myself. They hired a painter, he power-washed the building and then just…painted over where the web used to be. Well, dammit all to hell and back.

I’m pretty sure there’s another analogy there about how we aren’t ever in control of any goddamn thing in life. I’m not good at ‘deep’ so – bummer, dude. I feel denied. Sheeeiiiiiit (in my best Clay Davis from The Wire voice).

In any case. I’m sorry as hell that I’ve not been up to reading anyone else’s posts, or even giving proper responses to comments on my own blog. La-la-land, you see.

La la la, la-di-da…