I’ve not devoted a post to my little Siamese boy Lokii in a while. Actually, it’s been over a year since “Let’s Meet Lokii” and “Let’s Meet Lokii’s Dark Side”. However, he’s been disgustingly adorable the last few days, (and it’s not even that cold in here!) so I got the chance was forced by cuteness to take a few pics.

First, a shot from Monday, when he was helping me watch a David Attenborough documentary on predators and prey. I’ve never caught him really watching TV like this before (but he is fascinated with iPad games, not even the ones made for cats). Not sure if it’s the size of the new screen, or the lions on it that got him so interested.


Wednesday night, Lokii came to bed with me. I always curl up on my left, with my iPad open to an e-book propped against hubby’s pillow. He Lokii-poked to get under the covers, and curled against my chest with his head under my chin and, as it happened, his whole head in my right hand. He fell asleep, purring, and after a while the purring dropped into silence. Then…a while later…a faint rumble started again. Neither he nor I had moved or made a sound – it was just him waking up a tiny bit and realising where he was and who he was with. That’s cat love for sure, and it gave me a much needed happy feeling after a hard day. (Apologies to Cats n Co for pretty much reposting my comment on her blog on ‘Do Cats Love?‘)

Thursday we had a really, really hot fire going. Too hot for me, but just about right for the heat-seeking Si-missile that is Lokii-mon. He was so happy sprawling in different directions on my legs that I couldn’t conceive of getting up to get a better camera. Sadly, these pics are all from my ever-present iPad and they are accordingly terrible. Sorry. Hope the cuteness shines thru all the static caused by taking close-ups by firelight!

Ahh, laps. And fire. Ahhh. That’s a yawn, he’s not about to eat me. Promise.

See? Chin-scratches. Nothing could be better, for him. Me? I had to take this, and the next few pics, with my nose. Yep. One hand is holding the iPad, one is scratching precious kitteh – my nose was my only option!

Ooh, that’s nice, we loves a finger in our ear.

And ear-scrunches from the outside are nice, too!

More ears? Heaven, I’m in heaven…

Who gave you permission to stop with the ear-love?

Okay, no more petting…guess I’ll just enjoy this fire instead.

Ahhh. *yawn*

But things are back to normal now. I’ve spent a good part of my Friday evening sewing up the holes he’s chewed in the new dog bed. Sigh.

That’s the biggest of dozens of holes I had to sew shut. I need advice! I’m really worried he’s going to get horribly sick from eating fabric. We can’t stop him. Take away one thing, he finds something else. He’s really great at listening, remembering, and not returning to the scene of the crime again when we say NO! (ok, I say, as I’m the observant one) but he is also good at making sure he never hears ‘no’ in the first place. There’s no blockage in his guts – yet – but I don’t want there to be one.

How can such a smart kitty be so damn dumb?

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  1. yuor nose pics are superior! what a lovely post… worrisome the kitty eating fabric. someone here will know….

    i’ve been wondering how you’re doing and if you got to the doc yet, etc….

  2. maybe try giving him some grass to eat? i know our gang will go for other items when they need grass and can’t get it. or it may be the threads…. we do have a kitty that has a penchant for string… have to keep it away from him.

  3. Errr — Barney was eating the comforter for a while there and did the flat-cat I-will-not-eat I-will-instead-produce-interesting-feces thing, so badly I got scared & took him in for it . . . . but after the vet-visit he simply stopped. Why? Why indeed. We are talking about cats, after all. So sorry not to be more helpful. But WHAT a gorgeous sweetie!!

  4. I had a cat once who was an “eater.” She ate the kitchen broom. I still have what the vet took out of her, in the freezer downstairs, all tied up in a red Valentine ribbon that she ate too — so I understand your concern. I am not sure what one does about it; I started propping the broom with the bristles up, but I don’t know how you keep them away from cushions.

    • That sounds like Spot – he’ll eat twiggy or stringy things – especially plastic – then immediately regret it and barf like he’s dying. No such luck with Lokes. Blankets, dog toys, now the new bed….anything with synthetic fibers or poly fill!

  5. Such a handsome beast. We don’t have any eaters, just pissers! Our vet suggested partly cooked leek to get a peach pit out of one of our dogs. It wraps round anything wedged in the gut and helps slide it through. Does Lokii like his veg?!

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