New Cat Tree


With Lumi at the vet from 9-4 today, it was prime time to assemble the tree without having to explain every step to him.

Yes, I do that. He wants to know, and listens intently.

I also wouldn’t have to fight him for the box, or fish screws out from under the fridge.

I dug all the parts out of the box, looking for the instructions. Oh dear, only one sheet. 

Oh dear…

That’s the instructions? This might take a while.

Hubby went out with the dog for a walk, and I set to work. It took about an hour, and I only had to re-do one part that I’d assembled backwards.

Ta-da! The old and the new. This is where it will live, right in the kitchen! It is taller than I am (I’d guess 5ft 10in or about 178cm) and very sturdy. I’ve disassembled the old one, and will see if our local SPCA wants it.

I did make one change. There are supposed to be two ‘ladders’ but I only put on one.

With – it blocks most of the largest platform. I figure the boys will use that as a step to get higher and not run up it.

So I left it off. Better, I think.

Lokii likes it!

Lumi loves it! He is only just back from his surgery so is a bit doped up still, and rather sleepy and clumsy. But he went right to the highest level and looked so proud of himself.

I’d recommend this tree, at least for now. Will see how it holds up to how Lumi launches himself onto and off of it.

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  1. Wow. You are a better person than I am, Gunga Din. The only way I would consider buying ours is if the assistant assembled it at the store. You shoulda seen us trying to cram the whole assembled thing into my small Toyota. Hilarious. No damage was done but I have no idea how we managed!

    • Oh dear! This beast wouldn’t fit in the Mini at all, not that we’ll try it. It’s funny, I have zero patience for small stuff like getting the cord to zip back into the dyson, but I’ll happily spend an hour doing this sort of thing.

  2. Ah love at first sight! Yes the cats will climb and claw their way up. They love to do that as you know, even on legs pants or not. I think you did grand. Hugs

  3. That’s a splendid tree. I like putting things like that together myself, and the Engineer positively salivates. What I usually notice though is you have to keep the little hex wrenches they come with handy for a few months to tighten up the fittings.

    I predict you will b supervised while cooking.

  4. We got our cats the same tree and set it up on Christmas day 😀 It’s awesome so far! A little wobbly on top more than our previous tree, but we will see how it goes. I just stared at my husband set it up while I sat down with some coffee, though. Mad props to you lol

  5. Very cute. We just lost our much loved cat Lenny and our home isn’t the same without him. I have just started a poetry channel here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Hugs to Lumi and Lokii Sam 🙂

    • So sorry for losing your Lenny. I lost my good old man Spot last year, after 14 years together.
      I’m not very good with poetry, I’m afraid. I can’t even really get into Bukowski’s poems, and I love his prose. The only times I ever tried to write any was when forced at school, or when suffering through my mother’s slow death.
      Well, wasn’t that uplifting! Sorry 🙂
      I’d be glad to have a new friend, of course.

      • It was honest and that is more important than anything. Sorry that you lost Spot and must have been very tough to lose your Mother in this way. My heart goes out to you. Have a good evening 🙂

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