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Paddy’s Day Choons!


Paddy’s Day, never Patty’s Day! Remember that and you will make an Irish person happy.

I had to do a post for iDJ to support his hard work last week; doing his Special days and days before the big day. He made sure that we all have some proper Irish music to see us through tomorrow.

No longer live, but as an extra-special Special at three hours long, you can get the podcast via this link (and you don’t need to have the Podomatic application to play it).

There is a playlist if you open it in your browser so you can see who recorded that awesome thing you just heard, too!

De La Soul-Shenanigans!


iDJ (my hubby) just loves his hip-hop, and one of his favourite bands is De La Soul. So this week, today, in just about an hour, he will be playing live on radio23.org Channel A, all of the original tunes that De La Soul took samples from.

This could be really interesting, and I’m sure there are bound to be surprises! If your a DLS fan or just curious, tune in to SoulShenanigans on the link above, or visit him on Facebook.

I’ll be posting the link to the podcast once the show is over, and maybe include the set list if anyone is interested?

This weeks poster:


The podcast is now available! Give it a listen here.

Radio show final – podcast link


Okay, I’ll stop bothering you with this now! If you want to listen later, here is the link to download the podcast. He (as always) starts off gentle and polite but it gets heavy at the end (my favourite part).

My pumpkins this year! I had five. I only managed to get two carved, and he did two… and one is still sitting on my kitchen counter. Oh well!

Holiday Special!


I have to share this! iDJ does up a poster every week for his broadcast in Photoshop. He uses a drawing my sister did of him at our wedding as his face, and plops in to an album cover or whatever suits him.

This time he said it was in honour of me! So I had to look…
I love it! I introduced him to A Christmas Story our first year together, and he really looks forward to it, and quotes it throughout the year (as you do). Good to see the Major Award getting some appreciation!

Come and give him a listen if you can; he put a lot of work into this show and as always, he’ll be playing it live and direct. He talks! He dances! He mixes! You can also annoy him via instant message or on Facebook while he’s playing, great fun!