Kitty Nesting


I make a kitty nest of pillows and blankets every morning before I leave for work. It is appreciated.

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  1. I’d appreciate it too. I find myself remaking the bony hound’s bed several times a day because those long legs and needle nose keep pushing it all apart. Still, he’s worth it.

      • Yes, a very recent addition to the family. We adopted a 3 year old retired racer, a lovely black boy called Mouse. We’re still getting used to an enormous bony black shadow leaping onto the bed first thing in the morning and using his elbows to ensure he’s got more space than either of us…

  2. Hello heretherebespiders. Wonderful, really wonderful. My two can barely stand to sit on my desk near each other. They wont show any affection or even sit near each other. I admire what yours do. So grand. Hugs

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