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The Pork I Buy lately looks… Odd.


I think I’ll just leave this one as photos. Sorry Sled, I know you don’t eat meat. Maybe this is why not…

Last week, my dinner…

This week.

I think I need to start buying my pork loin elsewhere…

Bad jokes and puns strongly encouraged!



Right, so – I waste a shitload of my time finding and reading webcomics. The one I’m working my way through at the moment is Cyanide & Happiness. The website is full of ads, and I’m good at not even noticing ads, so it doesn’t bother me. But this one jumped out at me, and I had to screen capture and share the What The Fuckery:


The cartoon is about bulimia. I never said I liked politically correct cartoons. But the bulimia topic is a bit ironic when you look at the ad! WTF!!! Would you wear that? Why would you wear that? Where would you wear that?

I’ll give them credit for not going with the overdone fake tan look, though. That gal has one white booty.

“Hmm, I really like thongs, but find that they don’t ride up and chafe my hole nearly enough. But wait, look! I can get one that is part of my shirt, so every time I move I’ll get the extra anal flossing I love and deserve!”