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Usyaka has inspired a Brushing!



Sorry for shouting, but I got to play tonight and finished up the picture that Usyaka inspired. It’s not exact from the photo, I managed to use my imagination a bit. My favorite part of the original photo was the sheer power in her hind legs – the beauty of muscle in motion and the line of her leg and tail. Hope you like it!


Clyde has been brushed!


****Edited! I uploaded the wrong drawing!

I have to share my second commissioned painting with you! As I said yesterday, I cackled with laughter when I saw the photo I was to work from:

Look at him! Oh my lord, what a little furball!

I knew he’d be a challenge, and I wasn’t wrong. This is the hardest drawing I’ve done yet. I hope they like it; I’m not 100% happy with it, but I’m also exhausted. Here’s my version of the ‘Jabba the Hutt’ lookalike Perisan kitten, Clyde:


Lastly, I found a photo of what he looks like as an adult:

Clyde has to be the hairiest cat I’ve ever seen, and he’s huge! What an armful.

Ivy and Stewie (Emma) have been Brushed!


Okay, are we ready with the drumroll, please?

My first ‘professional’ drawing!

This lovely, cuddly pair are Ivy (canine) and Stewie (feline). Stewie is short for Emma. No, I don’t know why, maybe Bean will tell us. They live with Kim, a good friend of Nadbugs’ Bean. (Don’t say a word on Bugs’ site yet, though – this picture is a surprise! We can’t spoil it.) I hear that pretty Ivy is under the weather; please send good thoughts her way.

I can’t wait to hear what Kim says when she gets her early Christmas present! I feel I know two of her furry kids quite well now, and I wish them all the best.

Ian has been brushed!


I’ve been busy, I did Fergus and most of Ian here last night, and a goldfish today so far. I need to write something!
Ian is a nice Manchester lad, don’t let anyone tell you different! I’m sure he is never, ever, a hooligan. He might like Morrissey, though.
Ian belongs to a new friend of mine. She was over the house last week and I showed her my drawings, and she asked if I could do her kitty, too. She’s such a lovely gal, with a lovely kitty!


Purple cat


I’m bored. Here’s a purple cat. Time I started actually drawing out of my head from the start… I got the feeling I wasn’t very interested in realisim tonight, when I wanted to draw a cat with only a few lines and make it purple…


Jimmie Chew, Fin and Darnell have been Brushed!


A lovely young cat visited my blog and liked my finger paintings enough to request a portrait. How could I ever say no?
This is Jimmie Chew, he has a photo-diary blog of his own where you can follow his busy day, from nap to car trip to glamour modelling.

Jimmie is the star and narrator of his blog, but he has two feline ‘brothers.’ I didn’t want them to feel missed out, so here is Fin, a lovely grey gentleman:

And this is Darnell. He is all black and seriously challenged my abilities. I need to figure out how to paint in reverse.

As always, I am happy to have handsome, willing models to draw. I learn more with every picture. Thank you, boys!

Spottie-Cat has been Brushed!


My project for the evening, Spot done in finger paints:


I’m not thrilled. It appears that I’m pretty good at eyes. Those are definitely his eyes, I can see what he’s thinking. But the rest… I need more practice.