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A Challenge! What is This v.2


This picture might help figure it out. I waited until after Monday as some people only read blogs in digest form, once a week. No new takers, so here we go.

Let me know, if you do guess – would you like a digital drawing? 

A Challenge! What is This?


I took this picture at work Monday.

Can you guess what it is? If no one guesses, I have one more picture with a bit of a hint in it. No hints from me, this post!

I wish I had something to offer as a prize, as I know this is a hard one. Maybe a Brushes drawing of a photo you want rendered into amateur digital art?

More Frosty Fronds


I am super proud of this picture.

Nothing but frozen fallen leaves on an old garden ornament. But I love it.

A different angle.

Sundial. Clearly not able!

Life – might be uncomfortable but we persevere. 

Berry berry?

Flowers still trying! Dammit, is my finger in the picture top right? Oops.

Frosty ivy. 

In Color. And in Black and White.


I bet Ark will get the title reference! Wonder if anyone else will? Think 70’s music, for a hint.

Murtagh’s Meadow, a blogger very VERY local to me, has been sharing pictures from the lovely frosty mornings we have had the last week. I’ve been struggling to get out the door on time for work (the car has to be defrosted, then the dog pukes all over the floor and is too much of a princess to clean it up herself like a normal dog would, then the kitten decides to leave a massive stink bomb in the litter box and OMGWTFBBQ it has to be cleaned right then and there or the house will reek of kitten-death-poo) so I’ve been missing all the beauty in my frosted garden.

We took Friday off, our last paid holiday day for both of us left in 2016 (Christmas holidays not included). Mostly just because, partly to prep for our odd version of Irish-American Thanksgiving, which we did Saturday.

Turkey last night, after 4+ hours being smoked on the Weber charcoal grill. Sorry, my vegetarian friends! Obligatory turkey pic, it’s an American thing! I also made cheddar garlic biscuits (scones), and barley stuffing or dressing. He made some mashed potatoes from the goodly (and free) haul I dug out of the garden last month. Since I let our jack-o-lanterns rot in the driveway, I made a sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin. All was lovely, and we can’t wait for leftovers tonight. And, of course, I had pie for breakfast, as you do.

Back to the original subject. I do tend to ramble when in the mood. 

Saturday morning hubby was awfully slow to get out of bed, and as the morning grew late I lost patience. I went upstairs and leapt onto the bed and bounced around like Tigger or the boxer in this year’s John Lewis advert. After he got done giggling at me acting 40 years younger than I really am, I said, “Let’s go take frost photos!” So we loaded up the ‘good cameras’ and headed to his uncle’s garden. 

I have a bunch of pictures, but thought I would start with these from my ‘phone. Same photo – one iPhone, one iPhone using my favourite Hipstamatic setup.

I only took one picture, remember. But the app saves it normal (this one). 

Along with what I saw, and wanted – this, in black & white.

I find it quite odd to see a colour photo when my brain isn’t expecting it at all (Hipstamatic did not previously save a ‘straight’ version). What do you think? Which one do you like better? I will admit I like the black and white version best. 

Election Therapy?


My stomach is in knots about the election tomorrow. I think a lot of you are feeling the same, no matter where in the world you live.

I did my part and voted – it is all I can do!

But maybe not all. Maybe some adorable Lumi pictures will help take your mind off of the potential political world disaster that will come to a close late Tuesday?

The brothers in Spot’s bed.

The nose!

The sleepy face.

The not-so sleepy face!

Hugs for all. 

More sleepy nose-face.

Very awake! About to start trouble.

Wise kitten says vote! 

Lough Boora Discovery Park, Co Offaly


The same day we went to Clonmacnoise, we visited Boora Bog and its acres of sculpture parklands. We went to see the art and have a nice long walk on a lovely day – we were successful!

The art installation was begun in 2002, and most works have a theme relating to the Bord na Mona peat-harvesting that was done in the area from the 1950’s-1970’s. Quite a few works reference the wee trains that moved the cut peat out of the bog.

Every work has a sign giving details of the artist and their inspiration and materials used. This one is called ‘Sky Train.’

Looking out from one lonely train engine toward a stand of upside-down bog oak. There is a tiny dolmen in the centre.

The bog-oak henge.

Two views of the same work. So far all pictures have been one by himself and one by me!

Another work. Sorry we didn’t log names.

This one is meant to embody a skipping stone. I saw a canal-monster!

There was so very very much more here. More art, endangered birds, and a Mesolithic site! We spent hours but could have spent a few days. If you go, expect to not want to leave!

Peace Out


I have one very very healthy and happy rose bush – my all-time favourite, the Peace rose. It is finally coming into bloom, and I have to say I’ve been able to get the most gorgeous photos of the first bud.

Day one…

Day two…


I’m still sick, but it’s sunny today and it costs little of my energy to sit outside and smell the flowers. I’m so grateful. The peace rose was my mother’s favourite rose, and I have so many good memories of her when I am enjoying this rose (it smells as good as it looks). 

Oh, for Socks: How I did it. I did some photo editing on the first two shots to bring up the ‘black point’ and make the dark green leaves look black. I don’t know if any of the further THIRTEEN buds on this tiny bush will also have the full-leaf background to make this type of shot possible again. 



Points for the reference.

Our high on Sunday last – 32.5C, or about 90.5F. And only 10% humidity so…yay! 

We had a bank holiday this Monday, so I spent all three days outside. I am super proud that I didn’t put on a pair of shoes for three whole days! Yes, my feet were filthy. Yes, I loved it.

Got lots of garden-work done. I think I’ve finally finished ripping all the grass and weeds out of the annoying and awkward strip to the left of our driveway.

I goofed – thought these were nicotania. Foxgloves! Gifted to me by iDJ’s uncle who is also mad for gardening. Behind them, wild ivy and my not-sweet pea from seed I gathered in the US many years ago. It always comes back, and doesn’t spread. Once again I’m trying to get it to flop over the wall instead of smothering plants on this side. The ivy helps by giving it something to hold on to. But the wind usually comes straight at the front of the house, so every year it is a losing battle.

But I’m optimistic; so right below the pea, I planted broad beans. Silly me!

At the other end of Awkward Strip, I dug out my purple callas finally – after 10 years – as they hated it there (now potted, and in a sunnier place). Put these yokes in: Aubretia ‘kittie blue’ (look purple to me) as they are meant to spread and bloom for ages. Still some unhappy dianthus there under the roses, but it is so full of clover, moss, and grass that I might dig it out next year, too. Depends on if the dianthus makes an effort this year or not. I used to like it, but it’s just not been happy the last few years (it got mowed two years ago and never forgave me). 

In between, not pictured – a peace rose, and my first ever peony. Also these:

These are osteospermum ‘cool purple’ and ‘margarita pink flare’. I’m super proud of hubby for picking these out, and after I showed him how, he planted the pink flare all by himself. I think of it as his plant now! I really hope they both get well established and come back next year as they are meant to (I don’t really do annuals). 

Some foxglove close-ups, as you do!

It’s a bee-butt! This welcome visitor showed up while I was taking snaps. She sampled just about every flower!

My first rose of the season! Yes, the bush has a terrible case of black spot, and possibly orange rust. May have to hack the hell out of them this winter. I’m too timid with the pruning. 

Damn Duggar flowers are everywhere. 

The Sweet William has lost its sweetness for me as it also gets everywhere. But the top one isn’t a variety I planted. It’s evolving. Triffids, I tell you!

The blue Primrose, after looking a bit raggedy, has come back for another show. It also is looking more purple than blue, but part of that is the camera. It just can’t get a good pic of this beauty. 

The mini irises out front are going strong. They are so tiny! And in another annoying spot in the background, my massive hostas. 

But the real show-stopper this year is…

Now, I can’t seem to find the post where I planted these to find out what the heck they are! Four different bearded iris, but only one came up into bloom this year. I love it! The one stalk had eight flowers. Wow! They are massive blooms, big as nearly both my hands.

I have more, of course – but think I best end with the best.