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I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me


In keeping with the last post with a musical title.

Our next door neighbors have started to let their cat outside. She is spayed, and has a bell on her collar – both good things!

But man, she sure pisses my Spottie-Cat off! The dog doesn’t know what to think. Chase? Not chase? She usually picks ‘whining in just that high-pitched-note that makes Spiders want to scream.’

Please… A plea from the Heart


I know I personally don’t like to sign up to anything online that wants my email address. But The Petition Site has proven to me that they don’t sell my address over the years I’ve used it. You also can opt out of posting your name publicly.

So please – if you are reluctant to sign an online petition for those reasons, change your mind for this? “Stop killing stray dogs/cats and initiate a humane Stray Animal Management in Bar, Montenegro

One of the first blogs I ever followed and had follow me in return was all about a simply stunning Oriental Shorthair named Osyaka. In the years that we have been blog buddies, I have come to call her a friend.

However, what she does when not taking stunning photos of her beautiful cat is heart-wrenchingly hard. Hard to read about, hard to see, and hard on her mentally, financially and physically.

My friend has a mission to help the cats of Montenegro, where she lives. It is a beautiful place, a member of the UN and an applicant to the European Union, with a harsh history of war and has only been independent since 2006. Montenegro is putting a lot of effort into to be a tourist destination and has had good success.

However, they aren’t taking care of their animals. Stray dogs and cats roam the streets. The dogs are roaming in packs and killing the stray cats. There are no shelters. Worst of all, the animals that don’t die by other means are being poisoned secretly without any interference by – and possibly the support of – the authorities.

Visit my friend’s blog here: The Cats of Montenegro Not updated recently, there are still enough photos and stories there to break your heart. Her Facebook page and Twitter have a lot of updates.

Please sign, please share. No one is listening unless we shout loud.


 Dog pack running wild in Bar, Montenegro. 

  Moosia, who has a tumour and is getting surgery but will be back on the streets if no one adopts her.

  He used to have two eyes, before he got sick. 

Neko Gotcha Day!


This day four years ago we brought home our dogeen, Neko. I thought I would share some photos from her first two days.

First picture of her in her new home. Still a bit scruffy looking – no bath yet.

That can not be comfortable!

Another angle of her very awkward choice of napping position.

After her first bath! Ahh, that’s better; thanks mam and dad!

First walkies! She looks very attentive and serious, doesn’t she?

Love you, Neko!

Endless shades of Grey


This is too good not to share with you all:

If you get the reference, you’ll know why this is so very perfect! This is even more special to me because it was designed by my friend CanuckHound for the greyhound rescue she volunteers for here in Ireland, H.U.G.

Greys are treated terribly around the world, and Ireland has more than it’s share of unwanted greyhounds. Believe me, these dogs are just big, elegant cats. Sleep 99% of the time, run around like a crazy thing for a few minutes, and back to sleep again. Quiet, not big shedders, the worst you can say about a grey is that their teeth need a lot of maintenance and they need big, floofy pillows (or your couch!) to sleep on.

If ever a rescue dog is an option for you, please consider a retired or unwanted (sometimes they never have raced) greyhound!

And if you love the advertisement as much as I do, please share! H.U.G. will even email you a copy.

Red Dog has been Brushed!


I did Red Dog just for me a few days ago. I wasn’t going to post him, not yet, but I really, really like him and need cheering up. I used a picture of a stalking dog as reference, but didn’t use the original pic like I normally do. I also put his tail up, instead of down like the working dog would be, so he looks playful.

Oh – he was ‘for me’ in that I felt the need to have a bit of fun, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! But he’s also for my sister – she inspired me to try a few new ideas 🙂

Distracted by cuteness


I was going through old Facebook photos. My intention was to find some things for me to draw while I’m at the Open Fair. I found one cow and then starting saving pics to put up over here. The kids are just too cute…

Spottie, showing his best side. It must be his best, he always sticks it in our faces for a good, close look. That’s iDJ’s hair 🙂

Lokii, at the breeder’s house. He looked goofy even then. We got to bring him home a few weeks later. So tiny! Ah, look at the little pink kitten-belly, too!

The Kitty Kings, on their thrones – pun intended 🙂 In the morning, this part of the room gets sun so they like to sit on the litterboxes and warm themselves. Yes, my kitchen is lavender.


Spot annoying Neko. I have a whole series from this day – Neko was asleep until Spot interrupted and plopped himself down right where her head had been. She couldn’t go back to sleep afterward without squishing Spot – not that he would have minded. She is too gentle a dog to even consider something that would hurt Spottie, though.

VERY rare occurrence. Even after two years, Lokii is scared of the dog. This is the closest he ever got and stayed relaxed about it. Of course, Spot is his guardian.

A last one, to get us in the holiday spirit. Sing it with me: “Cat Butts Roasting on an Open Fire…”

Ivy and Stewie (Emma) have been Brushed!


Okay, are we ready with the drumroll, please?

My first ‘professional’ drawing!

This lovely, cuddly pair are Ivy (canine) and Stewie (feline). Stewie is short for Emma. No, I don’t know why, maybe Bean will tell us. They live with Kim, a good friend of Nadbugs’ Bean. (Don’t say a word on Bugs’ site yet, though – this picture is a surprise! We can’t spoil it.) I hear that pretty Ivy is under the weather; please send good thoughts her way.

I can’t wait to hear what Kim says when she gets her early Christmas present! I feel I know two of her furry kids quite well now, and I wish them all the best.

Me n the dog have dodgy bellies


Ugh, something is wrong with the dog. Her stomach is gurgling and making loud squirty noises, but she doesn’t want to eat her food. She has free-choice kibble all the time, and her only t-r-e… oh for fucks’ sake, I don’t have to spell it out in type! Treat! Nyah-nah, they can’t hear me! Her only treat is a carrot a day. We’ve learned not to give her something special like the carrot when she gets like this though. Listening to the racket coming out of her belly is better than cleaning up copious amounts of puke. She’s got colitis, apparently, and I guess the few snacks she got over the last couple of days were too much for her. No Thanksgiving for dogs next year, sorry pup.

So! I am working on getting my ‘show’ together. Need to do a lot of printing. Of course I’m trying to do it on the cheap; iDJ has a nice color printer at work so he’s going to print what he can for me there. I’m 80% done with my little flyer, and have a list of what needs print-checked and what just needs printed high-quality.

I’ve also finished my first commissioned work! I’ve only just now sent it to Nadbugs. Sure hope she likes it! I’ve got another commission, for a Persian kitten that made me laugh like a loon when I saw the picture. It’s a tiny, furry, Jabba the Hutt! Looking forward to attempting him, going to be a challenge for sure. When I’m done, I’ll post both the pic and the drawing so you can laugh, too.

Oh man, I’m nervous! Hahah. It’s a good picture. She’ll like it. And if she doesn’t, I can always edit this post and say how terrible it was…

From pies to skies


Right! Turkey is stuffed and in the oven, the pies are done, the whipped cream has been beaten within a micron of its life. I’m ensconced in front of a fire with both cats vying for lap space and my rum n Pepsi close to hand. iDJ is playing his Thanksgiving special in the kitchen and the tunes are good. I could get to like this Thanksgiving thing. Even if it’s a few days late.

Huh. I just realised that I’ve managed to teach my iPad the difference between it’s and its, for the most part (it added an apostrophe to the second one just then). I hope I don’t start to trust its opinion. It got it right that time, too! Now, if it will only stop capitalising white I’ll be happy… and it just didn’t. Yay!

My pie filling looks lumpy. I’m sure it will taste fine, but they aren’t all shiny and smooth like I expected. The pumpkins weren’t pie pumpkins, and I didn’t purée them before freezing, and they were too wet. Oh well, something is better than nothing, and I’m sure they won’t be fed to the dog!


I uploaded a few pics from the proper camera onto the iPad. Here’s my girl Neko about to drink the extremely nasty looking water in our town square’s sculpture/fountain.

Them’s my legs. Just before this was taken, we had someone get out of their car to ask about her. We gave him a short lesson about the difference between American Akitas and Japanese Akitas. The easy answer is that if the dog’s face is black, it’s an American. If not, you have to register your dog on the dangerous breeds list in Ireland and walk her with a muzzle. I also told him the official name for her coat coloration is ‘pinto.’ cool, eh? I have an American dog named the Japanese word for cat with the markings of a horse. No wonder she’s a bit neurotic. You can tell she’s worried all the time just from this picture.

Here’s Lokii looking confused. He looks like this quite often. Compared to his ginormous butt, his head is too small, so I don’t think there’s a lot of room for brains in there. Poor Lokes, someone has to be the dumbest in the house, and it is you. Love you anyway.

I took a couple pics of our sunset tonight, too. The color is wrong, I think it looked more purple and yellow than the camera shows. Rats. In any case, that’s the view out the front of our house.

A little bit of sappiness, if you don’t mind? I’m thankful for every funny, smart, kind, artistic person I’ve met through my blog. X