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Bean has been Brushed!


This is Beanie, a very lucky dog! She belongs to the ever-fabulous Socks and her hubby Bear. Bean, like my dog Neko, is a thinker. An over-thinker. She makes up stuff to get worked up about, but she’s learned that when life gets rough, a pair of comfy pyjamas makes it all better.


You probably notice something different in this picture…a background! I was having a divil of a time separating the white fur from the black, and decided I’d have to have a background color. I’d intended to cut Bean out of the background, but I decided I like it the way it is. She looks like an illustration in a children’s book. Much less true to life than the other drawings I’ve done, but perhaps more fun to look at. She makes me smile : )

Usyaka has been Brushed!


Please meet Usyaka! She is a three-year-old Oriental Shorthair, sharing her home with people who think that she is as beautiful as I do. Even more, as there is a blog of gorgeous photographs devoted to this feline beauty. I’m pleased to have found it, and even happier to have been permitted to ‘Brush’ Usyaka.


Thank you!

Spottie-Cat has been Brushed!


My project for the evening, Spot done in finger paints:


I’m not thrilled. It appears that I’m pretty good at eyes. Those are definitely his eyes, I can see what he’s thinking. But the rest… I need more practice.



Right, so – I waste a shitload of my time finding and reading webcomics. The one I’m working my way through at the moment is Cyanide & Happiness. The website is full of ads, and I’m good at not even noticing ads, so it doesn’t bother me. But this one jumped out at me, and I had to screen capture and share the What The Fuckery:


The cartoon is about bulimia. I never said I liked politically correct cartoons. But the bulimia topic is a bit ironic when you look at the ad! WTF!!! Would you wear that? Why would you wear that? Where would you wear that?

I’ll give them credit for not going with the overdone fake tan look, though. That gal has one white booty.

“Hmm, I really like thongs, but find that they don’t ride up and chafe my hole nearly enough. But wait, look! I can get one that is part of my shirt, so every time I move I’ll get the extra anal flossing I love and deserve!”