Usyaka has inspired a Brushing!



Sorry for shouting, but I got to play tonight and finished up the picture that Usyaka inspired. It’s not exact from the photo, I managed to use my imagination a bit. My favorite part of the original photo was the sheer power in her hind legs – the beauty of muscle in motion and the line of her leg and tail. Hope you like it!


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  1. Hey, I’m really sorry for being so late. I have excuses but I hate them because all excuses often sound so wrong.
    So about the drawing. I really liked it. You are right, it’s based on Usyaka but it’s another animal which is cool because trying new techniques in art is always cool, I think.
    I’m not sure about that stubborn front right paw that we were talking about. In the drawing it looks like it’s turning a bit to the right which probably would be uncomfortable for the cat. Although, you know, I’ve seen Usyaka bending in all kinds of crazy lines, so theoretically this paw can go this way all right.
    I like the way the bottom frame kind of bends under her back paw.

    • Oh, I don’t mind. Now I have a job, I don’t get to do as much as I’d like to on here, either. Much less the art!
      I drew both front legs out of my head, which wasn’t easy! I wanted to see them both, though. The idea was that she was reaching for whatever she was leaping for. I also made her head and shoulders bigger, so it isn’t really her anymore, you are right!

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