Ivy and Stewie (Emma) have been Brushed!


Okay, are we ready with the drumroll, please?

My first ‘professional’ drawing!

This lovely, cuddly pair are Ivy (canine) and Stewie (feline). Stewie is short for Emma. No, I don’t know why, maybe Bean will tell us. They live with Kim, a good friend of Nadbugs’ Bean. (Don’t say a word on Bugs’ site yet, though – this picture is a surprise! We can’t spoil it.) I hear that pretty Ivy is under the weather; please send good thoughts her way.

I can’t wait to hear what Kim says when she gets her early Christmas present! I feel I know two of her furry kids quite well now, and I wish them all the best.

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  1. Love it!!! You should have a look at Japanese prints (I’ll look for some links when I get a chance), but I think you’d like them. Your flat color shapes and simple clean lines remind me of them. Really nice work, Sis!

  2. I can’t get enough of this picture. I probably need to order two prints — one for Kim and one for me. I actually feel kinda close to tears about this.

    I’ll be talking with Kim tomorrow and (elaborately disguised) I will ask her why Emma turned into Stewie. And how Ivy’s doing. More as soon as I know it.

    Happy happy happy. What a wonderful world this internet is. I think back — only one year! — to a time when I didn’t have our community — and I can’t believe how much my life is gladdened by knowing you all. Spidey spidey spidey. Have they awarded you the Phd. yet? So you can start earning now?

    • Please let me know – I do feel like I know these two. It’s an unexpected bonus of doing the portraits. I really did get choked up when Annette told me that Nobby was gone.
      I’ve not been blogging two months yet, and my life has changed for the better. I can not believe I didn’t think of this before now!

  3. This is so fantastic! You know, I think you are getting better and better, there is something new about every picture you make.
    I’m so excited about the whole story – I can’t imagine how happy the lady will be when she gets this drawing.

  4. Exciting! I’ll wonder what she thinks of it. It’s really adorable! You’re getting better and better with each drawing!

    And I’ll send Ivy good thoughts her way.

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