Stegosaurus and Penguin have been brushed!


These are the two I did quickly, for kids. I Googled ‘kids favourite animal’ and these, along with tigers, are pretty high up there. I’ve not gotten around to trying a tiger yet!



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    • I wasn’t going to leave him like that, Mr P that is, but I didn’t get to finish him, really. Yeah, Steg is a bit boring, I wasnt going to put him up here at all. So I think I’ll leave him off the print-list!

  1. The penguin is remarkable: great lines, good play of positive and negative, nice colors that balance and play. The shapes are what’s interesting. Try thinking shapes and spaces and color splotches instead of lines with the dino – he’s got potential – just about half done? Good work

  2. I’m not a kid any more but dinosaurs still thrill me (as well as sharks do 😀 ) I loved them both but was interested in the dino more, just because I’m interested in these guys. I didn’t know, though, its mouth looks this way.

  3. Penguin! Penguin! Your penguin is a handsome penguin. Cute, too, but more handsome than cute. He looks like he takes himself quite seriously.

    I like Steggy’s funny little mouth. The blending of colors on his back is a nice effect.

  4. Love the penguin but…the stegosauraus could use some work. I have one and he doesn’t look anything like your portrait.

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