Challenge Over – Scottie Wins!


The game is over – boy it was a hard one. Some wonderful ideas, and no duplicates, which proves how creative you all are. 

Linda from ColoradoFarmLife came close, but Scottie from ScottiesToyBox got it correct after reading her guesses, which proves how clever he is!

The pictures are of road dirt or mud on one of the white work vans. I thought it looked rather beautiful and strange. Then I realised that you really couldn’t tell what it was unless you knew, and took the second picture with a bit of tire showing to make it easier. 

I must give credit to my hubby, who took one look and got it right instantly. He then tried to guess the make and model of van (which I at first thought he got wrong), and he got that right, too. Which proves we definitely belong together!

Scottie seems to have played along for the fun of it, but I did offer a prize, such as it is. My ulterior motive is to get myself back drawing, so I offered a digital drawing of whatever the winner wants. I won’t say that I’m terribly talented and there are a lot of things I probably can’t draw.

So, Scottie – please have a look at these old links to past posts, to get an idea of what I can and can’t do – then email me a photo to work from!

Alaska Lady


Oh Balls

Lokii At Night



Border Collie


Red Dog

Penguin and Stegosaurus

Clyde (with original photo, and not my best effort. He was HARD) 

Ivy & Stewie (my favourite)
There are more, but I’m getting bored with links. If you want to waste a lot of time, go to my main page and scroll down to Catergories, Brushes.

Hope to take another mystery shot soon so we can play again!

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  1. PS had a look at some of your pictures – they are lovely. You should post more of them. Particularly like the penguin.

  2. Thank you again. I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope you will do another one. It gets one thinking. I needed the second Picture to really get a feel for it as you said. I will look over the drawings but I sure anything you do will be wonderful. Grand game. Hugs

      • You are so talented. I am looking over all the drawings you linked too. I am up to the Penguin and the stegosaurus. I love seeing the drawings and I would love to watch you do them. I think it is grand when people have skills like yours. As for what to draw for me, it would be grand to be surprised. I like all the things you have linked to. Be well. Hugs

          • OK, well if you insist, I always thought if I was reincarnated I would love to be an otter. Love both the river ones and the sea ones. I know I have been called a bunny and I am loving, but otters have way more curiosity and seem to have more fun. Hugs

            • Well if there is no otter that looks like you see me, how about a bunny. The psychologist who was treating me said I was a bunny. Someone who was very loving but couldn’t defend himself. It is up to you, I was hoping you would do something that reflects how you see me in your mind. I know whatever you do will be great. Hugs

          • Oh I think you are too hard on yourself. I looked at that face and I saw Clyde. I felt the emotion of him. I have to say you nailed it. That is a real great work of art. I would be happy to have anything you do. Surprise me. I know. What do you imagine when you think of me? What kind of animal would I be if I were transformed into one. What about me shows through. OH I would love to know these things even if you don’t draw them , they are cool questions. Hugs

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