Clyde has been brushed!


****Edited! I uploaded the wrong drawing!

I have to share my second commissioned painting with you! As I said yesterday, I cackled with laughter when I saw the photo I was to work from:

Look at him! Oh my lord, what a little furball!

I knew he’d be a challenge, and I wasn’t wrong. This is the hardest drawing I’ve done yet. I hope they like it; I’m not 100% happy with it, but I’m also exhausted. Here’s my version of the ‘Jabba the Hutt’ lookalike Perisan kitten, Clyde:


Lastly, I found a photo of what he looks like as an adult:

Clyde has to be the hairiest cat I’ve ever seen, and he’s huge! What an armful.

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  1. Oh boy oh boy you are so good. Hoping hoping that feedback is OK and you can receive this in the enthusiastic light I mean, together with my excitement & joy and what you’re doing here — How about using a similar hard-edge technique on a few of the leg-stripes, so that there’s less disjunction between the airy floofiness & the clearer-line stuff? And to lead the eye down from the killer eyes to the pawsies? That’s what jumps out at me — and if you link up those two kinds of lines with some more definition on the leg-stripes, I bet the thing would hang together more & then we could all par-tay & celebrate? What say.

  2. Aaaahahaha :))) omg! 😀
    The photo is indeed funny but you managed to make him look even funnier in you drawing! You are becoming so great, it’s amazing! Well done! Bravo to you again!

  3. Lovely cat, great drawing, but my goodness the placement of that hind leg is just, umm…. am I the only one who’s mind immediately dives into the gutter? Your picture not so much but the original photo… LOL

  4. Adorable puffball. Lovely work! Your painting really highlights all of the most awwwww-inspiring features of this incredibly cute kitten. And wow, what a cat he has become!

  5. Holy HELL That’s one monster of a cat, now Dreifuss doesn’t look nearly as big! I think it’s super cute and I was actually happy to see that silly little paw in the same place.

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