Poulnabrone portal tomb has been brushed…


I started this last night, just playing with settings and creating some plants that don’t exist. I put the ‘grass’ in and called it a night.
Today I had another look, and decided to fill the empty space. But with what? I found a photo we took at the Poulnabrone dolmen in Co Claire a few years ago, and made it teeny tiny and sketched it in. Then added a wonky sky. This is a down n dirty, super-fast drawing. I enjoyed creating it.

It’s a strange feeling out there, in the Burren. Nothing for miles, rock and lichen and silence. If you believe in ley lines there is likely one running through the area. Digital cameras don’t really like to work next to the tomb.
I know I’ll be using this photo again, or another from one of our several visits, because I feel such a connection to this place.

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    • That’s good! I haven’t found my ‘style’ yet, I don’t think – as my first landscape with no planning, I like it 🙂 I do want to do the tomb properly, though. Try to give a feeling of the lowering sky and flatness and rock and solitude and sheer age of the place. That will be a challenge!

  1. Have always meant to go to the Burren and never made it… I’m awful. Lovely drawing. Was thinking about your printing. You should really try and find a reprographic place. Maybe somewhere with one of those glorified photocopiers. You’ll get much better paper, – proper paper. And CHOICE thereof! And they’ll look like PRINTS not things on photo paper. Esp with your blocks of colour. Would look great. prob only a couple of quid for a4/a3 prints. Just a thought.

    • Good idea! I’ll need to build some capital up first 🙂 That’s not looking likely of late. I’m considering looking into illustration. I can import these into photoshop and make them into publishable works… books? Newspaper illustrations? I’m not sure where to go quite yet.

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