Brushed still life of random junk


I have no idea why I’m putting this up here, instead of doing another drawing… well, yes, I do. I was reviewing older works – in preparation to create a new one – and this picture caught my eye.

Backstory: After Christmas dinner, I loaned my iPad to my hubby’s uncle and he spent ages drawing my mostly empty glass of Pepsi. He’s an artist – and a retired art teacher – and what he did with Brushes blew my socks off. (Even though I had to continually tell him how to work the app.) Everything I would have considered a horrible mistake – undo! undo! – he left in. And wow. I’m totally not posting his work here, uh-uh, no way. My ego is too fra-gee-lay.

Instead, here’s my attempt to follow his lead. I’m intrigued (in retrospect) by my own effort here. I started with the scissors, and it shows. They look terrible, complete shite. The rectangle thingie is a lighter a friend brought me from Russia. It has a famous bridge on it – not sure where, as I can’t read Cyrillic. That was second. It just kind of sits there, a boring mark on the canvas.

But the last thing I smeared on the page, as I was getting steadily happier and drunker, was my nasty ashtray. And I love how it turned out! I almost cropped the pic and just posted the ashtray part. But a lot of you have come along with me on my art adventure and I felt I would be cheating if I didn’t share the whole picture, warts and all.


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    • Thanks, dear! I might give it another go with better subject matter, since Socks is off house-hunting tonight so I’m ‘on me own tod’ tonight. Are you at work? If not, iDJ is live on the air right now! channel A 🙂

  1. Lovely art work but the subject matter suggests YOU ARE STILL SMOKING CIGARETTES! Stop immediately! Save your damn life, girl…you’re worth it! Jesus Christ on a bike! STOP!!!

    • Mike; I understand you might actually care if I, a total stranger, smokes or not. But I do not care to be lectured by a total stranger. Surely you know by now I’m not listening? *puff, exhale* I appreciate your concern, but your next comment about my schmokin’ goes in the bin.

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