Goodbye, Rua


My sister’s greyhound, Rua, passed away in his sleep last night. He was a big clumsy goofball, and he will be missed.

I drew this of him back in November 2011, one of my first attempts at digital art.


Miss you, big guy! 

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  1. What a beautiful drawing. I am so sorry for your sister and your loss. I know how deeply we love our family members and how special their short time with us is. Please tell your sister I’m sorry and give her a hug for me the next time you get to see her.

  2. Cherish your gift. Because you made that drawing, think of all the people who get to see what Rua was like and how he made you feel — there’s so much affection in that picture, and a little something to occupy the Rua-shaped hole in the lives of the people who loved him. I’m glad he got to leave peacefully in his sleep.

    • He did end well, at least. Sis is a professional artist so could do this a million times better, but she liked it anyway! In the original photo he has his head hanging off the edge of the couch, legs akimbo as a grey does. Sis says thank you for your comment.

  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear he passed away! Loosing a pet can be so hard, we grow very attached to them. I love the drawing you made in his memory ❤ I am sure your sister really appreciates it too!

    • Hello! So wonderful to see new people! He was quite old, so it wasn’t unexpected. My sister is a professional artist so anything I come up with is fun but nothing like what she could do 🙂

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