I’m feeling visual tonight


I’m having more fun putting up pics tonight than writing, sorry. I bored myself with the baby oil & dog food post, I think.

So, here’s some more of my digital art. I’m using Brushes for iPad, and it’s all finger painting: you cannot use any other tool but your finger to draw with. Great fun! This is my friend Ineedahome. She lives in Alaska, and the photo I worked from was taken while she was on a moose-hunting trip in the Yukon. When I saw it on FB I had to draw her.


This gal is awesome! She’s super creative: amongst other things, she does guerrilla knitting, collects and cleans skulls, writes, sews, and loves zombies. I’m forever grateful to have met her in a Florida Wal-Mart and being brave enough to make friends. I’m also happy to live in this digital world where two former Floridians that now live in Irleland and Alaska can talk and share our lives daily. Love ya!

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  1. Aww… You say such sweet things. But I’m tickled to be the next person after Socks. I’m so happy I like in a time where I can reconnect with people I’ve “lost” and then meet people like Socks. Hurray to the internets!

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