More Frosty Fronds


I am super proud of this picture.

Nothing but frozen fallen leaves on an old garden ornament. But I love it.

A different angle.

Sundial. Clearly not able!

Life – might be uncomfortable but we persevere. 

Berry berry?

Flowers still trying! Dammit, is my finger in the picture top right? Oops.

Frosty ivy. 

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    • I’m super proud of the hubby tonight – a designer in charge of making Christmas cards for sale locally used hubby’s pictures for the cards! Pics of the town in winter clothes.

      What makes me really smile is that hubby and I both went to the same place and took a lot of the same pictures- he said mine were way better than his!

  1. Great Photos! The winter frost is grand timing. I love how you show the different things, all covered in frost. Be well. Hugs

    • Yay! So fun to be on opposite halves of the hemisphere, sometimes! It’s not bad here at all, and I do work in a warehouse so no such thing as heating in there when all the trucks start coming in. I’m better with a constant cold temp than going in and out of the hot offices!
      I do love the first pic the best. I’ve used the greenleaf as my new FB profile pic, however. Sideways sundial is my banner pic – didn’t post that here!

  2. Fabulous pix! (even with the blurred finger – no one woul dhave ever known!)
    The ivy is my favorite. They all look like they are sugar frosted – by elves maybe (not the Keeblers – they are more commercially crumbly)
    Our first freeze may be this weekend. Spent the afternoon huddling plants in sheltered spot by window. You have real winter already.

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