Lough Boora Discovery Park, Co Offaly


The same day we went to Clonmacnoise, we visited Boora Bog and its acres of sculpture parklands. We went to see the art and have a nice long walk on a lovely day – we were successful!

The art installation was begun in 2002, and most works have a theme relating to the Bord na Mona peat-harvesting that was done in the area from the 1950’s-1970’s. Quite a few works reference the wee trains that moved the cut peat out of the bog.

Every work has a sign giving details of the artist and their inspiration and materials used. This one is called ‘Sky Train.’

Looking out from one lonely train engine toward a stand of upside-down bog oak. There is a tiny dolmen in the centre.

The bog-oak henge.

Two views of the same work. So far all pictures have been one by himself and one by me!

Another work. Sorry we didn’t log names.

This one is meant to embody a skipping stone. I saw a canal-monster!

There was so very very much more here. More art, endangered birds, and a Mesolithic site! We spent hours but could have spent a few days. If you go, expect to not want to leave!

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  1. That first photo I immediately mistook for a cane train. It’s *exactly* like the little trains and bins they use to take cut sugar can from the field to the mill. Just goes to show an efficient design is the same the world over. I do love that Skipping Stone sculpture/monster 🙂

  2. What a great place – I had heard of this park but have never seen any photos – love that monster at the end especially!

  3. Blimey these photos are stunning, well done that spiderwoman! The train engine one framing the bog oak is one you could sell as a print. If you don’t already sell them that is. *nods a lot*.

    – esme loving the scenes upon the Cloud

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