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In Color. And in Black and White.


I bet Ark will get the title reference! Wonder if anyone else will? Think 70’s music, for a hint.

Murtagh’s Meadow, a blogger very VERY local to me, has been sharing pictures from the lovely frosty mornings we have had the last week. I’ve been struggling to get out the door on time for work (the car has to be defrosted, then the dog pukes all over the floor and is too much of a princess to clean it up herself like a normal dog would, then the kitten decides to leave a massive stink bomb in the litter box and OMGWTFBBQ it has to be cleaned right then and there or the house will reek of kitten-death-poo) so I’ve been missing all the beauty in my frosted garden.

We took Friday off, our last paid holiday day for both of us left in 2016 (Christmas holidays not included). Mostly just because, partly to prep for our odd version of Irish-American Thanksgiving, which we did Saturday.

Turkey last night, after 4+ hours being smoked on the Weber charcoal grill. Sorry, my vegetarian friends! Obligatory turkey pic, it’s an American thing! I also made cheddar garlic biscuits (scones), and barley stuffing or dressing. He made some mashed potatoes from the goodly (and free) haul I dug out of the garden last month. Since I let our jack-o-lanterns rot in the driveway, I made a sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin. All was lovely, and we can’t wait for leftovers tonight. And, of course, I had pie for breakfast, as you do.

Back to the original subject. I do tend to ramble when in the mood. 

Saturday morning hubby was awfully slow to get out of bed, and as the morning grew late I lost patience. I went upstairs and leapt onto the bed and bounced around like Tigger or the boxer in this year’s John Lewis advert. After he got done giggling at me acting 40 years younger than I really am, I said, “Let’s go take frost photos!” So we loaded up the ‘good cameras’ and headed to his uncle’s garden. 

I have a bunch of pictures, but thought I would start with these from my ‘phone. Same photo – one iPhone, one iPhone using my favourite Hipstamatic setup.

I only took one picture, remember. But the app saves it normal (this one). 

Along with what I saw, and wanted – this, in black & white.

I find it quite odd to see a colour photo when my brain isn’t expecting it at all (Hipstamatic did not previously save a ‘straight’ version). What do you think? Which one do you like better? I will admit I like the black and white version best. 

Hipstamatic leaves


I took a few shots on Saturday that I thought were good enough to share. I have to admit, for a plant-kinda-gal, I really am not sure what kind of tree these leaves came from. Sort of look like maple or sycamore, but I really don’t know.

What I do know is that those perfect circles of death cannot be good. I also know that every tree of this type in my whole town has this disease, whatever it is. I do like how the shamrock looks like grapes in the grass.

I feel a bit guilty for finding beauty in what is probably painful for my arboreal friends.

I love black and white photography. I have a colour shot nearly identical to the last one, but the leaves do not glow like they do here! Maybe I’m just shite at colour pics.

Driving Up to Co Donegal


We drove up to Letterkenny, in Co Donegal, on Saturday to meet friends and dance like no one is watching. We had great success on both counts! But I’ll save the stories for another post – I thought I’d share some of the drive up with you first.

The weather was just that sort of weird where you think you are driving toward a never ending grey of rain – until you go around a bend and suddenly it has cleared and the blue is peeking out. I took a shedload of photos with the iPhone on the way up (and not one on the way home).

This is via the regular iPhone camera. And, despite clicking away like a woman possessed, it is the only one that even looks half-decent. It does give an idea of the changing weather, though.

Aaa, I just love the Hipstamatic version! I wasn’t sure it would be able to keep up with the blur and bounce of the moving car. But, clearly it did. Clear enough for me, any way. It’s very hilly, I wasn’t crooked! Much.

My favorite shot out of all the ones I took – despite the muck on the window-glass, and despite that I took so many shots the phone got hot! I had no idea that was possible. I also took the battery from 67% down to 24%. Oops. No matter, I didn’t have any credit for actually using it as a phone!

Might have to click on this one to see what it is. It’s a trailer park! “Holiday homes.” says iDJ. ‘Trailer park!!!’ says me. “Holiday homes.” says iDJ. ‘Trailer park!!!’ says me – repeat, every time we pass through Beautiful Bundoran.

(it’s a trailer park!)