Election Therapy?


My stomach is in knots about the election tomorrow. I think a lot of you are feeling the same, no matter where in the world you live.

I did my part and voted – it is all I can do!

But maybe not all. Maybe some adorable Lumi pictures will help take your mind off of the potential political world disaster that will come to a close late Tuesday?

The brothers in Spot’s bed.

The nose!

The sleepy face.

The not-so sleepy face!

Hugs for all. 

More sleepy nose-face.

Very awake! About to start trouble.

Wise kitten says vote! 

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  1. I admit to being fairly terrified about the wrong fingers having access to the Big Red Nuclear Button. Someone whose opinions are so extreme, so intemperate, so blatantly bigoted and so disrespectful to large chunks of the world’s population seems poorly qualified for a role with access to so much potential destructive power…

  2. Balm. That is all. Just — balm to my inflamed nerves. I mean that literally; I have been having weird spasms when I barely surface from the little sleep I’ve been able to get. I cannot WAIT for this train-wreck to be over and done with. They — even Faux News — are predicting Hillary. Can you imagine, can this be true, somebody told me somewhere in Arkansas they “misspelled” her name HilLIARy? No. Couldn’t be. Helllllp!!!!

  3. I’ve been a nervous wreck for weeks, and it’s one reason why posting on my own blog has slowed to a trickle. I just can’t think about much of anything else. That, and the vexed matter of having a mental lunatic previously known unto me attempt to force entry into my home at seven AM a couple weeks back and bite my boyfriend, but I digress.

    I’ve been humming this mantra over and over. Spiders, totally your kind o thing.

    Now I have cat pictures and my medical kit is complete! That nose! Those hugs! Those crazed eyes! The NOSE!!!!!!

  4. I love the pictures! The hugs are awesome. The eyes, have such color, like looking into a blue pool of water. One note on the election. Here in Florida it is a grey dreary day, not our normal sunny Florida. Ron and I voted early and that day was sunny and bright. Be well. Hugs

    • Thank you! He is a joy to wake up to every morning. Still comes up purring and licks my eyes or chin every day.
      I’ll take your good votes and sunshine as a ray of hope that the ones who voted early will defeat the darkness that is Trump!

      • Milo is laying in my lap as I blog and watch videos. He loves it. I am teaching Odis to be happy in my lap but while Milo will stay in my lap as long as I let him, Odis gets antsy after five or ten minutes. Your cats are so lovely. Be well. Hugs

  5. I had to hunt down a picture of your kitten after I read in your Orchid post you had a new one. Yes, I’m a little obsessed with cats 😀 I love his “awake face” he looks like he’s shocked by something or like the vet just put a thermometer up his butt. Haha. He’s adorable.

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