We Need Some Lumi!


This writing about what I’ve read is starting to annoy me already, as I will have several books under my belt before I can be arsed to post. I finished another one today…

I need to tell you about Lumi instead!

He is MASSIVE. Not quite 10 months old, he weighs nearly a stone (14lbs to a stone, so over 6 kilos). He won’t be fully grown until he is a year and a half old. Whoa! I seem to have a little white tiger in my house.

Neko and Lumi being buddies in the sunshine this week. Neko still has her St Patrick’s bandanna on – she loves it. Neko is about 36 kilos (just under 80lbs) so it does help to give an idea of Lumi’s size.

Such a long tail, too.

Mid-air action shots! He loves leaping to catch a toy (feathers onna stick are the best). It was sooo hard to get these. The rest of the play session was a white blur. 

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  1. I love it. I adore him. I think it is grand that everyone in your home is so loving with others. My cats wouldn’t ever be so friendly with a dog or even each other. To see the love of play in Lumi is wonderful. That tail, how do you avoid stepping on it. It is loooong. Hugs

      • ’tis a quandary — allow them out sometimes, or not. seems that for many years we “donated” a cat a year to the mysterious disappearance mechanism we call “coyote lunch”. we do try to get ’em all INSIDE every night …

        • Well, if I had lots of land away from people, I’d have more cats. These two are purebreds so the first risk here is that someone would steal them. It happens with purebred dogs here too often. Then there are cars, bad abusive children and people, poison put out for rats, disease, fights with other cats, stray dogs… an easy decision for us. Hell, my friend had a cat that got kicked by a cow and lost a leg from it. We have cows right next door…

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