Some Orchids


I’ve managed to get my oldest and tiniest orchid to bloom again this year. It cost me €.50 and came in a nice purple votive candleholder. I figured that even if it died, I’d have a candleholder.


The blooms are about thumbnail sized! Very damn hard to photograph.

I’ve got two others still in bloom, and more spikes up and coming.


Looks more yellow when the blooms are fresh. Also dammed hard to photograph.


Likely my favourite. It’s been around a couple of years but I got it going this year!

Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the lack of detail about them. I’m struggling to do fun things lately!

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  1. Wow. Well done! It isn’t easy to grow and cultivate them and the pictures are really quite beautiful. I find them so unsual, they remind me of aliens for the most part and I could easily imagine them wandering about, nodding to one another on Mars.

    As you do. Hahahahaha.

    – Esme smelling the perfume and waving upon the Cloud

  2. Lovely photos! I don’t know if it’s intentional or WP playing silly buggers, but the images came out absolutely humungous at this end, so the pictorial detail made up for any lack of words 🙂 I like to tell myself that whatever ugliness and particular hell life is dishing up at present, at least there are still flowers….

  3. Orchids are my wife’s ”thing” and she goes into rapture when one of them begins to bud!
    Re: the sizing thing.
    Why not try stepping back a little and give the flower a bit of room so it doesn’t completely fill the frame? Just a suggestion.

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