In Color. And in Black and White.


I bet Ark will get the title reference! Wonder if anyone else will? Think 70’s music, for a hint.

Murtagh’s Meadow, a blogger very VERY local to me, has been sharing pictures from the lovely frosty mornings we have had the last week. I’ve been struggling to get out the door on time for work (the car has to be defrosted, then the dog pukes all over the floor and is too much of a princess to clean it up herself like a normal dog would, then the kitten decides to leave a massive stink bomb in the litter box and OMGWTFBBQ it has to be cleaned right then and there or the house will reek of kitten-death-poo) so I’ve been missing all the beauty in my frosted garden.

We took Friday off, our last paid holiday day for both of us left in 2016 (Christmas holidays not included). Mostly just because, partly to prep for our odd version of Irish-American Thanksgiving, which we did Saturday.

Turkey last night, after 4+ hours being smoked on the Weber charcoal grill. Sorry, my vegetarian friends! Obligatory turkey pic, it’s an American thing! I also made cheddar garlic biscuits (scones), and barley stuffing or dressing. He made some mashed potatoes from the goodly (and free) haul I dug out of the garden last month. Since I let our jack-o-lanterns rot in the driveway, I made a sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin. All was lovely, and we can’t wait for leftovers tonight. And, of course, I had pie for breakfast, as you do.

Back to the original subject. I do tend to ramble when in the mood. 

Saturday morning hubby was awfully slow to get out of bed, and as the morning grew late I lost patience. I went upstairs and leapt onto the bed and bounced around like Tigger or the boxer in this year’s John Lewis advert. After he got done giggling at me acting 40 years younger than I really am, I said, “Let’s go take frost photos!” So we loaded up the ‘good cameras’ and headed to his uncle’s garden. 

I have a bunch of pictures, but thought I would start with these from my ‘phone. Same photo – one iPhone, one iPhone using my favourite Hipstamatic setup.

I only took one picture, remember. But the app saves it normal (this one). 

Along with what I saw, and wanted – this, in black & white.

I find it quite odd to see a colour photo when my brain isn’t expecting it at all (Hipstamatic did not previously save a ‘straight’ version). What do you think? Which one do you like better? I will admit I like the black and white version best. 

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  1. Never been one for black and white. The wife loves them… She says they bring a presence… I always think something has been lost.
    The world isn’t black and white. It has colours. Lots of colours.

    And that turkey looks good! B-)

  2. Yes I like B&W one too. Sounds like you had lovely thanksgiving feast! Oh and thanks for plug ! I have another collection from yesterday’s even more amazing frost!

  3. I love this post. For the fact you bounced around “acting 40 years younger than I really am”! That is grand, wonderful. I love the photos. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Hugs

  4. I like the colour better. The fuzzy frost crystals have better contrast with the yellow of the petals, I love the pop of dark red at the top, and the curve of the pot edge with that orangey dried grass thingy. Oh hell, guess I’m just a total colour person. I do love black & white portraits, though, I think those can strip back extraneous stuff and show you the real person.

    • That is interesting! I very rarely do it for people, but the best one I have taken was of someone who has a physical ‘deformity’ and hates having pictures taken. I think I did it perfectly and they liked it a lot! I am better with plants than people, however.
      Thanks for the input! My others are all in colour, with the ‘good camera’.

  5. The BW definitley has more depth and the flower doesn’t have to battle for attention with the background diffused. (Yes, smoked turkey and sweet potato pie – that’s Thanksgiving. You done gud. Sorry to be so late reading. Been rushing to get Christmas up while I had time – daughter just had baby last weekend)

  6. Oh have such bad news. It is a horrible case of siblings teaching each other. Our younger bigger feline is a skilled SBD farter. He has now taught our older smaller feline the skill. I went to pick up the older one and pet him and he let one go. Now in his defence I did pick him up compressing his tummy, yet what he let go was award winning, it brought tears to my eyes. Oh what have we done. Hugs

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