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A night in Donegal


Right so, I never finished telling what went on two weekends ago up in Donegal! We went up to see iDJ’s friend, also a DJ, play a set in a nightclub there. This other DJ retired a year ago, but like anyone who has vinyl in his blood, he comes out and plays sometimes just because he has to. This was one of those nights.

We normally wouldn’t dream of going – its a 3 hour trip to get there, we’ve a dog who needs to go out and leave landmines in the garden ever so often, and we’re too broke for a hotel. However! A friend offered, instantly, to put us up for the night in her house – this friend being Bird, who I drew way back in October in one of my first Brushes drawings. We’d never met in person despite chatting away on FB and on our respective blogs for well over a year. How exciting! What a temptation…

…but there’s still the dog. iDJ rang his mum to see if she could come up and let Herself out? No go, she had plans. I suggested we ask our Canadian friend – because if she ever needs someone to let her dog out when she’s away, of course I’d be happy to do so. She agreed, and so we decided we had enough money for petrol and a few pints, and off we went.

It was lovely to finally meet Bird, and we spent a good couple of hours at her place getting pre-sozzled before the off, and discovering how to find iDJ’s podcasts on AppleTV! I was excited to see him on telly.


Once we were out on the town, I found this bit of oddity down an alley between buildings.

Bird calls it the Michael Jackson Walk, which seems perfect: and now so shall it ever be.

We had a good few in one pub, and the craic was 90, and I made friends with a strange boy named Stephen who looked harmless and lonely. He said he was also going to the gig, so I made an effort to remember him – normally I suck at names and faces.

Eventually we were at the proper club, and On The Guest List! Woot! I felt like royalty in my jeans and no-heel boots (proper dancing shoes, I dance a bit like a male New Guinea bird of paradise trying to find a mate – I’d fall on my hole if I tried it in heels).

We danced – me less than Bird and iDJ because, apparently, they are more Mod and I am definitely a Rocker. I hope I get to stay in their gang, though!

Early on, before it got crowded. And man, did it.

iDJ, in lights again for the second time in one night.

As usual, my favourite and best pic is in black and white!

I met Stephen again out on the smoking balcony, and talked to him long enough (about dog breeds, oddly) that a couple of gals his age got interested and came over, so I felt he was no longer lonely and I’d done my good deed for the night.

After the show and congrats to the star, we had a major discussion of food choices, ran from a fight, got nasty chipper food (I ate every bite, yum), snagged a taxi and went home. I’m afraid I fell asleep on the couch, and Bird was not to be roused the next morning when we knew we had to get back to prevent dog-explosion.

Sorry we didn’t get to have eggs n saussies, Bird, but thanks for having us and hope we can return the favour here sometime! Promise, no busloads of fighting drunken teenagers, and our chipper is amazing!

A query following from the previous query…


Okay, I don’t think I’m ready for, or have the time for, nor the energy for Twittering.

So – would it be weird if I just posted a short random thought post now and again? I usually write a bit more and try to give a visual if I can. Seems a bit…abrupt…to just say something odd and leave it at that.

Maybe I just like to explain myself too much, and a bit of brevity would be a fun change? I certainly do not think Deep Thoughts, unless they are the Jack Handy variety.

An example: I was picking up dog poop on a dry sunny day, and the flies were snacking on Neko’s landmines. It was a really a nasty surprise to have a shit-footed fly bolt away from its dinner and bounce spang off my cheek. What could I possibly wash with that would make me forget that I had molecules of dog dookey on my face? Nothing: there is nothing that can clean that memory away.

Yep, random as hell but I keep thinking about this and other things of even less importance. Will I bore the arse off of you guys if I post this nonsense?

A query…


What do you all think about Twitter? I’ve apparently had an account since 2009 but never used it… But I do have a lot of short, random ideas that aren’t worth a full blog post, but are toounwieldy for a FB update… who uses Twitter? Do you like it? Should I bother? I’m only tempted now because Betty White is on twitter and she is just the bomb…

I received a Major Award!


I won something! I really, really did. This is such a rarity for me! I responded to a contest being held over on Tranquil Space Designs‘ blog, and I was the first winner of a freakin’ amazing prize: 3 full sets of Magic Mojo greeting cards, with a retail value of £110.00/$175! I got them in the post today (actually, they came two days ago but we had to sign for the parcel and couldn’t get to An Post until today).

First, I have to show you the incredibly appropriate and very ecologically-friendly box my Award arrived in:

Purr-fect, no? Sorry I have no idea why I took such a crooked picture. It looked right at the time… I guess I was just too excited to open the box and see what was inside!

I had to wait until iDJ came home from running errands so he could share in the Award Ceremony. The cats also helped. They knew very well that this box had something to do with cats. We sat down on the couch and went through every card, giggling like kids. His favourite was ‘Keep calm and kitty on’ where mine was – oh man, too hard. I laughed a lot at ‘Come on Baby Lick My Fur’ and ‘aww’ed a lot at the Oliver Twist kitten… nope, I can’t say I have a favourite. BUT! I didn’t realise at first that most of the cards had a funny little descriptive paragraph on the back that was related to the front (the inside is blank). So then we got to go back through and read them all!

iDJ said I can’t send them to anyone, they are too nice. I countered with, ‘But that’s what they are for!’ I have good people in my life that will love these as much as I do, and will keep them forever (they better or they’re off the ‘good people’ list).

I might have to keep one or two…or three…or…

The contest is still open, so GO and see if you can win, too! If you do win, let me know – I’ll post one to you and you can post the same one back to me, so we can keep it forever – we’re good people, after all!

New Beer!


I haven’t done this in a while, and realised I have photos of three new tasty beverages I haven’t posted. In order of favourite (and what I can remember):

oharas Irish stout.jpg
I don’t have the bottle any longer, so I don’t have much in the way of detail. I have even less detail on what it was like! This O’Hara’s Irish Stout was imbibed on Paddy’s morning – note the BBQ is going – and was our first tipple of many that day. Firstly it’s nothing like Guinness. More chocolate and almost oatmeal. It were tasty, shame we only had one to share. Ooh, the bottle says its 6%.

spitfire ale.jpg
Shepherd Neame’s Spitfire! It doesn’t say so on the front, but it’s an amber (always a favourite with me). I’m into planes, more WWI than WWII but still. No skunky smell, and a nice light flavour befitting the light 4.5%. And I loved the bottlecap.

spitfire beer bottlecap.jpg
Finally we have a beer my hubby last had in Prague. I wasn’t terribly impressed – it smelled a bit vile and didn’t have much taste. Vratislav, and I have no idea of alky content, sorry. In defence of the beer, they have to pasteurise it for export due to EU regulations and that just murders Eastern European beer. Drink it where it was born and you won’t regret it.


Driving Up to Co Donegal


We drove up to Letterkenny, in Co Donegal, on Saturday to meet friends and dance like no one is watching. We had great success on both counts! But I’ll save the stories for another post – I thought I’d share some of the drive up with you first.

The weather was just that sort of weird where you think you are driving toward a never ending grey of rain – until you go around a bend and suddenly it has cleared and the blue is peeking out. I took a shedload of photos with the iPhone on the way up (and not one on the way home).

This is via the regular iPhone camera. And, despite clicking away like a woman possessed, it is the only one that even looks half-decent. It does give an idea of the changing weather, though.

Aaa, I just love the Hipstamatic version! I wasn’t sure it would be able to keep up with the blur and bounce of the moving car. But, clearly it did. Clear enough for me, any way. It’s very hilly, I wasn’t crooked! Much.

My favorite shot out of all the ones I took – despite the muck on the window-glass, and despite that I took so many shots the phone got hot! I had no idea that was possible. I also took the battery from 67% down to 24%. Oops. No matter, I didn’t have any credit for actually using it as a phone!

Might have to click on this one to see what it is. It’s a trailer park! “Holiday homes.” says iDJ. ‘Trailer park!!!’ says me. “Holiday homes.” says iDJ. ‘Trailer park!!!’ says me – repeat, every time we pass through Beautiful Bundoran.

(it’s a trailer park!)

Totally n completely random.


I’m pretty much inebriated. Yay! But here I am nonetheless, willing to talk shite. Wait, shouldn’t that be nonetheless? Ok it just looks odd… I trust predictive text a bit too much, especially when in my cups.

I want to know when that miniature American flag appeared upstairs, situated in one of my coddled, overwintered, tomato plants. The veg is my domain, indoor or out – why are my ‘maters suddenly patriotic for a country they never lived in? iDJ has some ‘splainin to do. It’s not even July 4 yet…

So, em, why am I here, again? I have no real reason. Maybe I just want to test my iPad’s idea of what I mean to say against what it thinks I mean to say. Gotta say, it knows me and knows me well. It still tries to correct me when I type anyhoo – and just did again – but I do that for a reason! I want you to read me the way I speak – and I use slang, and ‘bad language’ all the time, every day.

I’m endlessly fascinated with the differences in pronunciation, common expressions, and just plain expletives people use in my adoptive country. As an American by birth who had a mother who wouldn’t even say ‘pee,’ or ‘fart,’ it is a real release for me to be able to say, all the time, the seven words you can’t say as listed by my comedic hero, George Carlin.

He doesn’t even get close to what I hear (or say) here, though. Yesterday I heard an Irishman put together the most impressive string of blasphemous complaints that I refuse to type it out – because at this point in my ramble it would just be crass instead of my usual take on a ‘bad’ word being the right word at the right time. However, I’m surprised that such a ‘religious’ and Catholic culture seems perfectly fine with words that… well, they are just words… are horrifying to so many in my home country.

And, being rather drunk – I feel the extreme need to share the best one ever! I’ll be polite for the moment, but be warned: anyone who asks will get the answer in the comments…

Goofy photos – I’m in a ‘mood.’


I wanted to do a Brushes drawing this eve, as it has been yonks upon yonks since I have. My idea was to find a pic of something in my garden and give a quick, fun once over.

To find the pics, I had to hit FB and troll through thousands of pics me and iDJ have taken.

I got distracted.

So here’s some randomness. It’s mostly Spottie, as he is just adorable.

round bengal.jpg
Him on the radiator cat bed we used to have, until Lokii ate it.

bengal in the sun.jpg
Spot being a ho for sunshine by the front door.

Bengal on a lap.jpg
Me and Spottie in a rare foray into the outdoors. What are you lookin at? It’s not his fault I made him go upside down so his bits were on display…

Bengal silly face.jpg
No comment.

giant octopus dog toy.jpg
More proof that I buy dog toys for me, not the dog. It has a fart-honk-quack noise in the head, and I walked around the shop for ages randomly hugging it just to hear the honk, and giggling. I even did it in the queue for the register. I couldn’t help myself.

cats on a laptop.jpg
Hubby’s caption for this is best,”No computer for you!”

a girl and her Harley.jpg
Me cleaning my Harley. I’ve nearly forgotten what it looks like… this is not the country for motorcycling. Judging from the size of the tulips, this was taken about this time of year – but it wasn’t last year 😦

bengal and akita.jpg
Best buddies! Spot really is an all-species-friend. He’d probably cuddle up to a parrot, if I ever got one…