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Okay, I don’t think I’m ready for, or have the time for, nor the energy for Twittering.

So – would it be weird if I just posted a short random thought post now and again? I usually write a bit more and try to give a visual if I can. Seems a bit…abrupt…to just say something odd and leave it at that.

Maybe I just like to explain myself too much, and a bit of brevity would be a fun change? I certainly do not think Deep Thoughts, unless they are the Jack Handy variety.

An example: I was picking up dog poop on a dry sunny day, and the flies were snacking on Neko’s landmines. It was a really a nasty surprise to have a shit-footed fly bolt away from its dinner and bounce spang off my cheek. What could I possibly wash with that would make me forget that I had molecules of dog dookey on my face? Nothing: there is nothing that can clean that memory away.

Yep, random as hell but I keep thinking about this and other things of even less importance. Will I bore the arse off of you guys if I post this nonsense?

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  1. My attitude is that my blog is for my thoughts. That could mean a one liner post if that’s what takes my fancy. I think you have to ask yourself why you’re blogging? What are you wanting to get out of it? I started my Writer in the Woods blog in order to write whatever I felt like writing. To have the freedom to post anything : humour, serious stuff, personal experiences, poems, quotes, etc etc.

    Let’s face it you can write with such humour – even a short post on shit-flies and dog-doo-doo! So keep up the great work!

    • Wow – thank you! I do this because I sort of need to, becuase it gets the stuff out of my head, because it lets new and interesting things into my head, because I need to write, because I’ve enjoyed the interaction and meeting people and hearing their thoughts and jokes, because it’s dammed fun. I just don’t want to lose anyone because of being strange – for me – but you are right, y’all put up with a lot already!

  2. What Jude said! Hell, I posted a photo of my $21,000 hospital bill and didn’t really splain nuthin’!

    Come on Spiders! Give us the short blurps like you do in comments! I always seek out your comments wherever I’m lurking because your brain is so worth reading!

  3. I actually auto feed my blog posts as links to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. However I will drop in and post one liner jokes or links to issues I want to let my Titter followers know about (since they mostly share my political beliefs). Believe me a tweet about dog doo can be an improvement on the actual Twitter discourse (and funny to boot).

  4. Everything should be randomised. Makes for a more interesting life. There’s a time and a place for spontanaity. Ah feic, I never could spell that. Entropy is easier. Ich liebe das randomness.

  5. I like Twitter for those, ‘in the moment’ thoughts that pop into my head. For example, I saw a kid the other day in my building and thought, ‘Black people weren’t meant to have mohawk haircuts. Nobody was, to be honest. But especially them.’

    You get the idea.

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