A night in Donegal


Right so, I never finished telling what went on two weekends ago up in Donegal! We went up to see iDJ’s friend, also a DJ, play a set in a nightclub there. This other DJ retired a year ago, but like anyone who has vinyl in his blood, he comes out and plays sometimes just because he has to. This was one of those nights.

We normally wouldn’t dream of going – its a 3 hour trip to get there, we’ve a dog who needs to go out and leave landmines in the garden ever so often, and we’re too broke for a hotel. However! A friend offered, instantly, to put us up for the night in her house – this friend being Bird, who I drew way back in October in one of my first Brushes drawings. We’d never met in person despite chatting away on FB and on our respective blogs for well over a year. How exciting! What a temptation…

…but there’s still the dog. iDJ rang his mum to see if she could come up and let Herself out? No go, she had plans. I suggested we ask our Canadian friend – because if she ever needs someone to let her dog out when she’s away, of course I’d be happy to do so. She agreed, and so we decided we had enough money for petrol and a few pints, and off we went.

It was lovely to finally meet Bird, and we spent a good couple of hours at her place getting pre-sozzled before the off, and discovering how to find iDJ’s podcasts on AppleTV! I was excited to see him on telly.


Once we were out on the town, I found this bit of oddity down an alley between buildings.

Bird calls it the Michael Jackson Walk, which seems perfect: and now so shall it ever be.

We had a good few in one pub, and the craic was 90, and I made friends with a strange boy named Stephen who looked harmless and lonely. He said he was also going to the gig, so I made an effort to remember him – normally I suck at names and faces.

Eventually we were at the proper club, and On The Guest List! Woot! I felt like royalty in my jeans and no-heel boots (proper dancing shoes, I dance a bit like a male New Guinea bird of paradise trying to find a mate – I’d fall on my hole if I tried it in heels).

We danced – me less than Bird and iDJ because, apparently, they are more Mod and I am definitely a Rocker. I hope I get to stay in their gang, though!

Early on, before it got crowded. And man, did it.

iDJ, in lights again for the second time in one night.

As usual, my favourite and best pic is in black and white!

I met Stephen again out on the smoking balcony, and talked to him long enough (about dog breeds, oddly) that a couple of gals his age got interested and came over, so I felt he was no longer lonely and I’d done my good deed for the night.

After the show and congrats to the star, we had a major discussion of food choices, ran from a fight, got nasty chipper food (I ate every bite, yum), snagged a taxi and went home. I’m afraid I fell asleep on the couch, and Bird was not to be roused the next morning when we knew we had to get back to prevent dog-explosion.

Sorry we didn’t get to have eggs n saussies, Bird, but thanks for having us and hope we can return the favour here sometime! Promise, no busloads of fighting drunken teenagers, and our chipper is amazing!

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