I received a Major Award!


I won something! I really, really did. This is such a rarity for me! I responded to a contest being held over on Tranquil Space Designs‘ blog, and I was the first winner of a freakin’ amazing prize: 3 full sets of Magic Mojo greeting cards, with a retail value of £110.00/$175! I got them in the post today (actually, they came two days ago but we had to sign for the parcel and couldn’t get to An Post until today).

First, I have to show you the incredibly appropriate and very ecologically-friendly box my Award arrived in:

Purr-fect, no? Sorry I have no idea why I took such a crooked picture. It looked right at the time… I guess I was just too excited to open the box and see what was inside!

I had to wait until iDJ came home from running errands so he could share in the Award Ceremony. The cats also helped. They knew very well that this box had something to do with cats. We sat down on the couch and went through every card, giggling like kids. His favourite was ‘Keep calm and kitty on’ where mine was – oh man, too hard. I laughed a lot at ‘Come on Baby Lick My Fur’ and ‘aww’ed a lot at the Oliver Twist kitten… nope, I can’t say I have a favourite. BUT! I didn’t realise at first that most of the cards had a funny little descriptive paragraph on the back that was related to the front (the inside is blank). So then we got to go back through and read them all!

iDJ said I can’t send them to anyone, they are too nice. I countered with, ‘But that’s what they are for!’ I have good people in my life that will love these as much as I do, and will keep them forever (they better or they’re off the ‘good people’ list).

I might have to keep one or two…or three…or…

The contest is still open, so GO and see if you can win, too! If you do win, let me know – I’ll post one to you and you can post the same one back to me, so we can keep it forever – we’re good people, after all!

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  1. My address is (edit)
    Lmbo! Really that is Rockin! So when do I get my card hahahahahaha………just kidddin’ my friend. Love ya!

  2. Very cool!!! Went and checked them out but somehow I don’t think they’ll want to ship a box that size to the US even if I did win… 🙂 But I do like their blog so will be following it.

    You know what would have made the day even better… if “someone” had gotten you some baby plants to celebrate! (hint, hint)

    • Ha! She’s got another blog too: http://confessionsofacatwoman.com which is pretty funny also, and more cat-centric! Yep postage is a burden – it cost her £6.50 to send to me, and I’m not that far away. Ouch! I’m so pleased, though – hilarious work and do I need to say 100% professional quality? Nope, she is a professional! I only hope I send some business her way by posting the cards – I especially like her origami cards.

  3. Congratulations! I’m all for cute kat pictures and I think the internet needs more, not fewer, photographs of cats being cute. I dressed my cats as the 20th centuries most despicable despots and sent them to I Can Haz Cheesebuger Plz. but they thought the idea of a siamese cat dressed as Chairman Mao might not be quite politically correct. So I guess I lost…

  4. wow, those are awesome-looking. Cat in beanie? I say YES! Sadly, I too have horrible luck when it comes to winning things…so it’s always a nice surprise when I do. Congrats!

  5. Thats so cool,Well done! i always say ‘i never win anything’ but i am def a lucky charm, i can tell whose got the winning raffle tickets (before they are drawn out)…things that are lucky give off heat..must be a witchy talent lol 🙂

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