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Goofy photos – I’m in a ‘mood.’


I wanted to do a Brushes drawing this eve, as it has been yonks upon yonks since I have. My idea was to find a pic of something in my garden and give a quick, fun once over.

To find the pics, I had to hit FB and troll through thousands of pics me and iDJ have taken.

I got distracted.

So here’s some randomness. It’s mostly Spottie, as he is just adorable.

round bengal.jpg
Him on the radiator cat bed we used to have, until Lokii ate it.

bengal in the sun.jpg
Spot being a ho for sunshine by the front door.

Bengal on a lap.jpg
Me and Spottie in a rare foray into the outdoors. What are you lookin at? It’s not his fault I made him go upside down so his bits were on display…

Bengal silly face.jpg
No comment.

giant octopus dog toy.jpg
More proof that I buy dog toys for me, not the dog. It has a fart-honk-quack noise in the head, and I walked around the shop for ages randomly hugging it just to hear the honk, and giggling. I even did it in the queue for the register. I couldn’t help myself.

cats on a laptop.jpg
Hubby’s caption for this is best,”No computer for you!”

a girl and her Harley.jpg
Me cleaning my Harley. I’ve nearly forgotten what it looks like… this is not the country for motorcycling. Judging from the size of the tulips, this was taken about this time of year – but it wasn’t last year 😦

bengal and akita.jpg
Best buddies! Spot really is an all-species-friend. He’d probably cuddle up to a parrot, if I ever got one…