I’ve moved! Sort of…


Guess what I got for Christmas from my lovely Canadian friend? heretherebespiders.com ! No more .wordpress in there to make typing it out such a hassle. I’m not really sure what all of the other benefits are yet, though. Anyone? I am pretty slow at these things, surprisingly. Well, it surprises me, anyway.

Anyhoo, CanuckHound (will that do? I’ve been trying for months to nickname this gal with no success) came by the house last night and we set up my nooooo website, yay! In return I gave her a bag of weed. No, not that kinda weed – it was lemon catnip that I grew, dried, and pulverised. I’m hoping her kitty Penny likes it, as mine have no interest. The lemon part disgusts them. However, I simmered the leftover stems and flowers on my stovetop for a few days and I swear the good smells made Spotty a little high.

iDJ gifted her with some ambient music. I’d tell you more about what it was, but I’d have to ask him. He’s currently on his headphones gearing up for tomorrow’s radio23 show. Little plug, there, hehe. What I’m saying is that I’d be forced to make him talk, and I get enough of that in a day. Sorry, dear. I do know one of the artists was Aphex Twin, his all-ambient album.

CanuckHound also brought him this:

I know doodly-squat about Scotch, sorry.

Before she went home, we were talking art and I wanted to show off my sister’s work. Well, I was bummed to see she took her website down and put up a pic of her daughter – in other words, she’s way too busy to bother with the website right now! I was a bit bummed, but CanuckHound said I should type ‘wayback machine’ into Google. Well! The wayback machine brings up old cached websites, how cool! It didn’t work for my sister’s pictures (I’m sure she’ll be happy to know that) but it did work on my old website, which dates back to and hasn’t been touched since 2004! I thought I’d lost every picture and word I typed as I never saved it anywhere. I’m thrilled! Anyone want to see/read what I was rambling about eight years ago? It was mostly my trip to England to hang out with my sis: my first time overseas. I’m going to save it all, any way – before it really is too late!

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  1. Hey! Congrats on the URL! 🙂 My site is all still there, just renamed the index page for now. It’s on my to do list to redo and put some new stuff up! I’ll send you the link to it. 🙂 Love ya!

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