I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me


In keeping with the last post with a musical title.

Our next door neighbors have started to let their cat outside. She is spayed, and has a bell on her collar – both good things!

But man, she sure pisses my Spottie-Cat off! The dog doesn’t know what to think. Chase? Not chase? She usually picks ‘whining in just that high-pitched-note that makes Spiders want to scream.’

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  1. LOL… Ninja attack kitties… B-)

    Does your car not defend her territory? We had an incident the other week where our cat nearly killed another cat for being in the garden! O.O

  2. That last photo… Put a speech bubble over the dog’s head: “Lunch? Dinner? Light snack…?” In my view, it’s the at the neighbours’ risk. They know the dog is there, your garden is the dog’s territory and will be defended if the dog sees fit. It may need to be pointed out to them, though.

    • Yeah, I agree. They are such nice people I hate to be…disagreeable. But she isn’t safe, and Neko is a big dog with her own territory to protect. Not sure what to do, as it is too late to put that cat back in the bag, so to speak.

      • It may not be too late, if they simply don’t let her out. The only other way to deal with it is to introduce them to each other slowly and gradually in a supervised way. But I think you may have to address it, speaking out of concern for the cat, of course!

        • I’ve heard her get in fights several times with local kitties, that are probably not neutered or spayed. I also don’t think they are capable of dealing with the incessant screaming that is going to happen if they keep her inside now. Plus: habit – we are super vigilant about our doors, and Spot still manages to escape at least once a month.

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