Neko Gotcha Day!


This day four years ago we brought home our dogeen, Neko. I thought I would share some photos from her first two days.

First picture of her in her new home. Still a bit scruffy looking – no bath yet.

That can not be comfortable!

Another angle of her very awkward choice of napping position.

After her first bath! Ahh, that’s better; thanks mam and dad!

First walkies! She looks very attentive and serious, doesn’t she?

Love you, Neko!

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  1. Happy Gotcha Day (whatever that means lol)

    Who are you to decide what is comfy and what is not? Haha! Pet’s often impress me at the positions they can sleep in. This is how you can see just how imperfect we, humans, are. There are so few positions that we can get comfortable.

    I would have loved to hear more. Where is she from? How did you pick her? Such a cute little puppy! 🙂

    • According to my husband, he finds me deep asleep on my back, with my legs bent and feet in the air. He was trying to get a pic last time but his phone died. I might be part cat…

      The story is longish, and I was strapped for time last night. Maybe another day!

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