Me n the dog have dodgy bellies


Ugh, something is wrong with the dog. Her stomach is gurgling and making loud squirty noises, but she doesn’t want to eat her food. She has free-choice kibble all the time, and her only t-r-e… oh for fucks’ sake, I don’t have to spell it out in type! Treat! Nyah-nah, they can’t hear me! Her only treat is a carrot a day. We’ve learned not to give her something special like the carrot when she gets like this though. Listening to the racket coming out of her belly is better than cleaning up copious amounts of puke. She’s got colitis, apparently, and I guess the few snacks she got over the last couple of days were too much for her. No Thanksgiving for dogs next year, sorry pup.

So! I am working on getting my ‘show’ together. Need to do a lot of printing. Of course I’m trying to do it on the cheap; iDJ has a nice color printer at work so he’s going to print what he can for me there. I’m 80% done with my little flyer, and have a list of what needs print-checked and what just needs printed high-quality.

I’ve also finished my first commissioned work! I’ve only just now sent it to Nadbugs. Sure hope she likes it! I’ve got another commission, for a Persian kitten that made me laugh like a loon when I saw the picture. It’s a tiny, furry, Jabba the Hutt! Looking forward to attempting him, going to be a challenge for sure. When I’m done, I’ll post both the pic and the drawing so you can laugh, too.

Oh man, I’m nervous! Hahah. It’s a good picture. She’ll like it. And if she doesn’t, I can always edit this post and say how terrible it was…

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    • Hmm, I don’t know if I can. I’m putting 2 or 3 on one page, so it would just be a repeat. Plus it’s made in Open Office as I didn’t have time to learn Photoshop.

      Yes! You TOO can learn how to run things in a half-assed way while goofing around online! I see a market for that 🙂

      OH! I finally took a look at my comment settings and now my friends don’t have to wait for me to admin comments. Go crazy!

      • First things first: already going crazy. Short trip.

        Paragraph 2: you cheer me up! I’m doing laundry, making lunch, folding laundry, and working on my first commission! And playin’ around on the internet! Dang, fun!

        I didn’t know Open Office could do flyers. I got tired of it crashing my other Mac; I guess I should try again now that I have the almost-latest-and-greatest (only a year old!).

        • I’m using their version of power point. Because I used to have to make jewellery displays using it – it’s all the co. had to work with! I know it quite well. I’m using our ancient 12′ G4 PowerBook. Useless as a laptop as the battery lasts about . long!

  1. Oh good lord. HOW COULD YOU DOUBT???? Blogfriends, Spidey is a total artiste. The picture is SENSATIONAL!!! And ladies & gents Spidey is not only a genius. She is also capable of mind-melding. Because I just e-mailed a question about a printer. Can’t wait for you all to enjoy the picture. But — it’s not of Bugs. It’s for my best friend Kim, of her dog and kitty (who looks an awful lot like Bugs except for a black not pink nose). Oh y’all this is too exciting.

  2. It’s so cool! I’m so happy for you! OMG! You are doing this, it’s working! Bravo!!! I’ve just told this to my husband and he also says it’s really cool!
    I’m literally clapping my hands here 😀

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