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Endless shades of Grey


This is too good not to share with you all:

If you get the reference, you’ll know why this is so very perfect! This is even more special to me because it was designed by my friend CanuckHound for the greyhound rescue she volunteers for here in Ireland, H.U.G.

Greys are treated terribly around the world, and Ireland has more than it’s share of unwanted greyhounds. Believe me, these dogs are just big, elegant cats. Sleep 99% of the time, run around like a crazy thing for a few minutes, and back to sleep again. Quiet, not big shedders, the worst you can say about a grey is that their teeth need a lot of maintenance and they need big, floofy pillows (or your couch!) to sleep on.

If ever a rescue dog is an option for you, please consider a retired or unwanted (sometimes they never have raced) greyhound!

And if you love the advertisement as much as I do, please share! H.U.G. will even email you a copy.

Rua has been Brushed!


This is Rua, my sister’s greyhound.

I’m not very happy with this drawing, it looks like those paint-by-numbers kits I did as a kid. Oh well! Every day I learn something new, and attempting brindle colouring was always going to be a challenge!

Bella has been Brushed!


I’m having a shitty evening. Financial situation just got even worse. I suppose I could talk about it here, but its too depressing and it will just make me angry having to go over everything in detail. Let’s leave it alone for now, as there is nothing to be done.

Instead, have a gander at the lovely Bella. Bella is a rescue greyhound, and shares her home with a fellow KIBIS member. We hope to have her and my girl Neko become doggie-friends – as soon as we find neutral ground they can run and play in together safely.