Distracted by cuteness


I was going through old Facebook photos. My intention was to find some things for me to draw while I’m at the Open Fair. I found one cow and then starting saving pics to put up over here. The kids are just too cute…

Spottie, showing his best side. It must be his best, he always sticks it in our faces for a good, close look. That’s iDJ’s hair 🙂

Lokii, at the breeder’s house. He looked goofy even then. We got to bring him home a few weeks later. So tiny! Ah, look at the little pink kitten-belly, too!

The Kitty Kings, on their thrones – pun intended 🙂 In the morning, this part of the room gets sun so they like to sit on the litterboxes and warm themselves. Yes, my kitchen is lavender.


Spot annoying Neko. I have a whole series from this day – Neko was asleep until Spot interrupted and plopped himself down right where her head had been. She couldn’t go back to sleep afterward without squishing Spot – not that he would have minded. She is too gentle a dog to even consider something that would hurt Spottie, though.

VERY rare occurrence. Even after two years, Lokii is scared of the dog. This is the closest he ever got and stayed relaxed about it. Of course, Spot is his guardian.

A last one, to get us in the holiday spirit. Sing it with me: “Cat Butts Roasting on an Open Fire…”

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  1. I LOVE the cat butt roasting picture! Plus the one with the two kitties curled together. I got a picture of my little tripod and dumby doing that. It was so darned cute, specially because Dumby is also scaredy.

    • All caught up! I have a bazillion pics of the boys being cute. This one struck me because we got so close without waking them up 🙂 Lokki looooves the fire, we have to screen it at night for fear he’ll crawl in.

  2. Fantastic photos! I think all I have to do is look at photos like these and my blood pressure drops and, of course, I get a smile on my face. What a sweet dog!

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