Spottie-Cat has been Brushed!


My project for the evening, Spot done in finger paints:


I’m not thrilled. It appears that I’m pretty good at eyes. Those are definitely his eyes, I can see what he’s thinking. But the rest… I need more practice.

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  1. I love these digi-art things. What do you use to create them? I’m a massive animal person, therefore revelling in your blog. Love cats, they have such unique personalities and their own little agendas. Back at my parents we have two. Oscar and Lilly. Lilly is a fat cat that can’t slim despite her diet, and Oscar is a grumpy cat that can’t cheer up despite his treatment. Lilly cannot be described graceful as most cats. She misses work surfaces and jumps into windows, gets stuck in the cat flap etc. Oscar finds the most uncomfortable places to sleep and does his best. He also sits somewhere elevated and swipes at people as they pass, no claws mind, he just punches you.

    • Thanks! It’s an iPad app called Brushes. It’s all finger painting, you can’t use a tool or mouse. I only got the iPad in August, so I’m still learning. Poor Lilly! She must be a pudgeball if she gets stuck in the cat flap!

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