Jimmie Chew, Fin and Darnell have been Brushed!


A lovely young cat visited my blog and liked my finger paintings enough to request a portrait. How could I ever say no?
This is Jimmie Chew, he has a photo-diary blog of his own where you can follow his busy day, from nap to car trip to glamour modelling.

Jimmie is the star and narrator of his blog, but he has two feline ‘brothers.’ I didn’t want them to feel missed out, so here is Fin, a lovely grey gentleman:

And this is Darnell. He is all black and seriously challenged my abilities. I need to figure out how to paint in reverse.

As always, I am happy to have handsome, willing models to draw. I learn more with every picture. Thank you, boys!

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  1. Excellent! Love the Jimmie one. If you want to draw a black cat, you could try the pink panther background way and use white chalk on black paper. Think that has to be my favourite style of all time.

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  3. Nice! Black cat sketching delimma reminded me of a painting teacher from Santa Fe. She instructed us to not use lines to create a form, but to instead fill in the background around the form to reveal the shape. Took some rewiring of brain, but interesting results

  4. Hi – am becoming a regular reader, love the blog, thank you. Am now plucking up courage to ask, please would you be willing to brush some cats for me? If so, how much, and how best to get pics to you?

    Thank you!


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