Purple cat


I’m bored. Here’s a purple cat. Time I started actually drawing out of my head from the start… I got the feeling I wasn’t very interested in realisim tonight, when I wanted to draw a cat with only a few lines and make it purple…


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      • I kind of have a feeling that you can’t stand being praised for your work. I’m saying it because I think it’s not the first time when I said you ARE cool and you say something to make it sound like you are not so cool or it’s not because you are cool etc.
        Nope, i insist, you are very talented!
        Cats and horses sound cool! BTW, where are the horses?
        This cat would look great on a t-shirt or a bag or a cup or a watch ( on a place where the numbers are). Yes, it’s definitely one perfect cat.

    • Really? Thanks! I might have found my niche, then. It was really easy and fast, the eyes took longest and next time I’d make them differently. I love this program! I know I pick everything I do to pieces, but a compliment from you is hard to shrug off 🙂 Thank you!

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